Common Mistakes Homeowners Make With Carpet Cleaning Services

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One of the most beloved types of home flooring in Toronto is carpet. From soft fibres to cozy warmth in the winter, carpet is hard to beat for the comfortable and relaxing home environment it creates. However, these plush floors also deal with their fair share of damage. The carpet constantly gets stepped on by your family & pets, stained by coffee and other beverages. To help maintain your carpet’s functionality and looks, avoid the common maintenance mistakes of carpet cleaning in Toronto. This blog highlights several mistakes homeowners make when cleaning their carpets. To know them in detail, keep scrolling till the end.



A few Carpet Cleaning Mistakes That Most Homeowners Make

Here are some most common carpet-cleaning mistakes made by homeowners:

  • Rubbing or Scrubbing carpet strongly

Many homeowners believe that rubbing or scrubbing their carpets will help in stain removal. Scrubbing your carpet with a scrub brush or rag, on the other hand, will push the molecules further down, worsening the damage to the fibres. Instead of using the brush, try gently blotting your carpet with a white towel. For better results, consider hiring professional carpet cleaners as they do an effective cleaning.

  • Buying no walk-off mats, runners, or area rugs

Outside elements such as salt, dirt, leaves, snow, and water can easily enter your home. As a result, a simple mat or area rug can help protect the carpeting inside. Large dirt and debris will be stopped at the door by a mat or rug, rather than being tracked inside and tarnishing your clean carpets. The most efficient places to put runners, mats, or area rugs are in high-traffic areas of your home. These areas could be near your stairs, doors, kitchen, hallways, or anywhere else you can think of. You can significantly extend the life of your carpets by using a simple walk-off area rug, runner, or mat.

  • Trying to “DIY” carpet cleaning and not hiring professional

When it comes time for deep carpet cleaning in Toronto, it is highly recommended to contact a professional. Although the do-it-yourself approach is one many homeowners take, be aware not to over-wet, or over-shampoo it.


  • Too much or too little vacuuming

Although vacuuming can be a tedious task, too much or too little can become an issue for your carpets. That is why experts recommend you vacuum your carpets at least once a week and hire professionals for a dirt-free carpet every day.

Wrapping up

Your carpet does a lot for your home. That is why avoid common mistakes in regular maintenance to properly care for them and ensure the most optimal outcomes. When the need arises for more advanced carpet cleaning in Toronto, working with a professional will be your best choice. So do not hesitate to contact them and ask for a quote.

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