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To enhance the area of any space, an innumerable amount of our corporate and individual clients invest in premium quality rugs, which add warmth to their space and compliment any floor type. Intricately sewn rugs have become increasingly popular over the past few years in the Greater Toronto, Ajax and surrounding Area.

Rungs are both durable and affordable, they have the means to increase the value of residential and corporate properties.

Constantly caring for your rugs is an imperative decision in which you must make for the purpose of prolonging its life. As time passes, your rugs will become noticeably bedraggled. As mildew and dirt can lead to sickness and nausea, we urge you to take advantage of our unique, professional and reliable rug cleaning services today.

From synthetic materials to natural fibers, to those precious and priceless air looms, we can have the skills required in order to successfully transform your rugs from used to brand new. Warm fringes and ill-favoured stains are no match for our expert team of purposeful and zealous professionals. Here at Clean my Carpet, we offer a vast variety of repair options for your rugs. With our proven techniques, we have the means to effortlessly replace any worn fringes with new ones seamlessly, so you are granted with the ability to present your guests with an admirable carpet. Our Mississauga carpet cleaning experts know what it takes to revive your favourite area rugs.

Clean My Carpet will take care of your entire rug cleaning and repair needs. Our experts recommend all pet owners perform area rug cleanings more frequently than normal households, because of the aroma of animal odour that is being absorbed by your rug daily. Leave it to our professional and detailed team members to guarantee you are displaying spotless and sanitized rugs. There is no such thing as an all-purpose solution here at Clean My Carpet. We ensure a thorough inspection of your rug is done, so we can use our proven techniques for the purpose of bringing your rugs back to life.

With our convenient mobile services, admirable attention to detail, and years of industry experience, you are granted with the pleasures of saving both time and money. Staff members at Clean My Carpet will retrieve your area rugs from your home or office while you continue to operate your normal day-to-day life. If our technicians are not satisfied after the work has been completed, they will wash it again until it is ready to be delivered.

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