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Whether you just bought a house or you want to enhance the look of your current home, purchasing a carpet is a great way to do it. In the carpet cleaning Whitby region, many customers look for two things during their carpet shopping journey; colour and texture. Little do they know, there is more to carpet than those two qualities, the type of carpet fibre matters as well.

Our experts at Clean My Carpet have studied four main fibre types found in modern carpets today. Below you will find some facts about them.


This fibre accounts for about 35% of the market. It is the second most popular fibre type next to nylon.

Good Qualities:

  •   Olefin is water-resistant. It is the best choice for people who love to host events in their homes and people who have young children.
  •   Olefin can withstand strong chemicals.
  •   It does not lose its colour. This point is one of the main reasons olefin is so popular today. Many carpets fade over time, but with this fibre, you can guarantee a long-lasting carpet.


Wool accounts for about 1-2% of the market. Because of the durability of wool, many carpet experts recommend it– especially if you have pets.

Wool may not seem too popular due to the percentage of people who purchase it. However, there are still tens of millions of yards produced and sold each year.

Good Qualities:

  •   Wool lasts a very long time.
  •   It can hide the soil very well.
  •   It is flame and fire-resistant.
  •   Wool is immensely warm.


Many people have heard of this fibre type. Polyester is very popular and accounts for about 12% of the market.
Polyester is said to be a perfect choice for areas that have stain concerns and are low in traffic. An example of an area like this would be your linen closet or even your bedroom.

Because polyester is so soft, manufacturers often use it to make upholstery items.

Good Qualities:

  •   Semi-resistant to high chemicals
  •   Very soft
  •   Stain-resistant


Happy Shopping

As a soon-to-be carpet owner, you will need to have a lot of carpet fibre knowledge so you can refrain from making the wrong choice. Note the information that has been displayed above by our experts at Clean My Carpet.

You should strive to know and understand the fibres used to make carpets.

Remember, choosing a carpet that “looks good” is not enough.

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