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At Clean My Carpets in Toronto ,Ajax and surrounding areas, we offer professional duct and furnace filter cleaning services for the purpose of ensuring the quality air in which you breathe is clean and sanitary. Carpet cleaning Markham experts recommend replacing your furnace filters once every three months to achieve the goal of inhaling high quality air.

Duct Cleaning and the proper cleaning of your furnace filter is essential, as keeping the air in your home clean and free of bacteria particles is highly imperative.

Our trained technicians are certified and readily available to increase the quality of your air utilizing their skills and years of industry experience to thoroughly clean every vent in your home. In addition to ensuring your vents are up to par, we will also replace your furnace filter, which in turn, will decrease the high amount of germs that flow through your air on a daily basis. Our duct cleaning method is much more meticulous than any other company in the Greater Toronto Area. Our machines are well maintained, of the highest quality and very durable. During this intricate process of cleaning your ducts, we will spray a sanitizing solution in all of your vents, and follow with the vacuuming of all dust, debris, and dander found in your ducts. Once that is done, we will go into your furnace room and meticulously clean out the ducts from the source.

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Finally, we will clean the area in which your filter is kept, and replace it with a new one.