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Carpet Cleaning Richmond Hill

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Steam cleaning is still a relatively new concept for most people, but it has become more popular over the past few years within North America. You carpet cleaning professional at Clean My Carpet believe it is imperative for you to know the difference between steam cleaning and the traditional way of cleaning floors.

What is steam cleaning? They resemble the traditional vacuum cleaners; however, they use water and very high heat to create steam. Steam is very effective for cleaning because it weakens all of the dirt from the surface that you are cleaning and easily removes it. Steam penetrates the pores of the surface and cleans it, whereas just wiping a surface would leave all of the residue and dirt behind.


Main advantages of steam cleaning

The heated steam application helps reduce any bacteria and germs, deeply penetrates stains and dirt trapped on the surface and then all of that is eliminated with the suction component of the steam cleaner. The depth of this cleaning treatment not only reduces harmful allergens but also prolongs the lifespan of your flooring and the look as well. A key element in steam cleaning is the minimization of use of many harmful chemicals which leads to a much less chance of harmful residues contaminating the indoor environment. Your air will remain clean and healthy with steam cleaning instead of with harmful chemicals. These services can of course be done by the home owner, but there are many wonderful companies such as Carpet Cleaning Richmond Hill that can help and take care of your whole house.

The best advantage of all is that the hot steam vapor is a natural sanitizer without any chemicals. When the steam penetrates through surfaces, it destroys mold, germs, viruses, dust mites and bacteria. It’s a great way to clean your home, especially when you have children who tend to catch colds easily at school/daycare. The steam cleaning process is a much more effective way to clean your home, keeping it the air quality safe due to the fact that is uses zero harmful chemicals.

Steam cleaning can tackle your backrooms, kitchen, and windows, killing dust mites and mold and even helping you with cleaning your car!

More and more people are focusing on the health benefits of keeping a clean home rather than just having a clean appearance. Steam cleaning kills 99.99% of bacteria without using any harmful and toxic chemicals. It is child and pet friendly. Getting rid of chemicals in your home makes it a much safer environment.

Aside from the obvious health benefits of using steam cleaning in your home, it could end up saving you a ton of money.

If you are using a steam cleaning company you could definitely find great deals. At Clean My Carpet, we can give you great first time customer rates!