Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

The company has the best interest of its customers in their mind. Therefore, the privacy policies are designed for safeguarding their interests. We suggest and request all our visitors to cautiously read the policies. The details must be read before disclosing any personal information on the website page.

The details are asked with the sole intention of improvising the quality of service besides developing a customer-friendly service.

Information sought from customers

We do not welcome cookies hence seek for some vital information about the customer. This assists us in understanding our customers in a better way. The details to provide include:

  • 1) Name of the customers
  • 2) Residential Address
  • 3) Contact details
  • 4) Email id

Customers can stay assured that in no condition are these details revealed to a third party or being used for promotional perspective.

Precaution followed by the company.
Company values the personal details of the customer, hence take proper measures for securing the information generated. The information shared is only accessed by the selected top officials of the company. In certain special conditions, they can also be restricted.


The application of the services by our customers depicts they have read the privacy policies. It is requested to also read the terms sanctioned by the company. The terms are set for ensuring the conditions to be maintained by customers while browsing the site.

  • The information provided in the pages are directed towards the services offered. The company is not liable for any sort of inaccuracy found in the contents provided.
  • The company does not give an assurance of providing completely genuine information as certain pages may contain some voluntary contents
  • The company does not intend to provide any misguiding information. Hence, the visitors may compare details with other relevant sites.
  • The content, images or even the logo of the company has been copyrighted by the company. Any attempt made for copying any of these is strictly prohibited. The person found guilty will be liable for facing legal jurisdictions.
  • The company never entertains any attempt made for duplicating the contents of the website.

All the respected customers are hereby informed that the sole authorization of making changes in the Terms & Conditions is in the hands of the company. In the due course of time, necessary changes can be made without offering any advanced notice to the visitors.