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Carpet Cleaning Toronto: Tips On Removing Bad Odours From Your Home

Carpet cleaning Toronto employees know the pride that customers take in their homes. Your home is your sanctuary, your place to relax, and a place to socialize with friends and family members. Sometimes, however, a bad odour can get out of hand, and can prevent you from enjoying your home to the fullest. If left long enough, it can spread through your entire house, making it unpleasant for all family members and ruining your ability to relax. Carpet cleaning Toronto staff members recommend the following tips to help improve your home’s smell:

  • Open windows
  • Use fans
  • Vacuum with baking soda
  • Purchase special charcoal
  • Try air fresheners

Unfortunately, these tips don’t always get rid of the odour in question, or it may be so deeply ingrained in your home it’s impossible to get rid of using those simple steps. In other cases, these strategies may temporarily mask the smell, but once they fade, the foul odour returns. In order to restore your home, and regain the sense of peace and relaxation it should provide, try the following approaches.

Where Is The Smell Coming From?

In some cases, the bad smell has an originating source, and removing it will go a long way to helping you rid your home of that foul odour. These can be any number of things including:

  • A litter box left too long
  • A deceased animal in your chimney
  • Mould or mildew in your plumbing
  • Urine stains on carpet

If the smell has been around for a while, simply removing the source won’t instantly help your home, but eventually it will prevent the odour from returning. In some cases, such as with an animal carcass in your chimney, faulty plumbing, or deep stains in your carpets, you will need to call in a professional. The expense may seem high, but it is worth ridding your home of these smells that you simply can’t do yourself. Call your friends and ask around about pricing and level of service, and be sure you call someone who is an expert in that field. When you make the call, be sure to tell them that the issue is causing a horrible smell in your home, to help give them a better idea of what equipment to bring and how to best address the situation.


Your dishwasher can be a source of some pretty bad smells, and now is the perfect time to fix that problem. Simply fill a dishwasher safe glass with vinegar, put it on the top rack, and run it through one cycle without any other dishes. It might make your kitchen smell of vinegar for a few hours after, but it will kill any other odour lurking there, helping to improve the overall smell of your home. It’s a good idea to do this once a month or so, to prevent the build up of foul odours in the future.
Litter boxes can be a horrific source of bad smells, but short of spending a ton on an expensive odour controlled one, there isn’t much you can do. Your pet needs a place to go, and that place needs to be easily accessible to prevent other household accidents. There is a product you can purchase that can help mitigate the odour, and help keep the litter area smelling clean. It’s called activated charcoal and it is fantastic at absorbing odours. They even make a version designed for pet odours, which can be exceptionally helpful. They’re relatively inexpensive and don’t take up a ton of space so they can easily be placed in or near the litter box.
Front load washing machines can also be a source of foul odour in your home, as the air doesn’t circulate inside. This can cause mould or mildew to grow, making your whole laundry room smell terribly. Thankfully, this problem is easily corrected by running through two cups of bleach and hot water, without any other clothes. If you’d prefer not to use bleach, you can purchase tablets at the store, usually available next to the laundry detergent, that will also help clean your machine. To prevent this from happening quickly again in the future, start leaving the door open between washes to let the air circulate through and slow down the build up of mould and mildew.
Garbage bins and garbage disposals are another source of smells within the home. To help rid your garbage disposal of foul smells, especially after cooking with a lot of veggies or fruit, cut up a lemon or lime into chunks and put them down the disposal. This should help remove most odours, and if not, follow it up with a cup of vinegar and cold water. There may be a temporary vinegar smell in your kitchen, but it will work better long term.Your garbage bin is also a source of smells, but can also easily be cleaned. Most major stores sell a deodorizer that you can put in the bottom of the bin to help mitigate the smell. You can also use baking soda to the same effect. If you don’t currently have one, get a garbage bin with a lid in order to keep those smells in and prevent them from circulating around your kitchen.

This is one of the worst odours around, and it seems to get into everything. To prevent this from becoming a long term problem, go out side to have your smoke or ask your guests to do so. If this isn’t possible, open a window and turn on a fan to keep the smoke from wafting around inside.Removing long-term build up of cigarette smoke is a chore in and of itself, but once completed, there will be a noticeable improvement to your home’s odour. Wash the walls, and consider repainting if the smell persists. You might also want to look into having your duct system professionally cleaned. Wash the curtains, and invest in having your furniture steam cleaned. This helps to get rid of any odour that has had time to sink into the fabric.

If you are a fan of fried or spicy food, you may find that your kitchen retains a lot of the smell from these items. The best way to get rid of them is to give your entire kitchen a thorough cleaning, including your cabinets. Use warm water and soap to help get the smell out without damaging the finish. On an ongoing basis, try boiling a cup of vinegar on the stove after your meal is done to kill the other odours. While the vinegar smell will persist, it will fade much faster than cooking odours.
The best and most efficient way to rid your carpets of odour is to have them professionally cleaned. Once you’ve tackled the other smells in your home, hire a professional company to come in and deep clean your carpet. Carpet cleaning Mississauga staff will come into your home, remove the furniture, deep clean your carpets, ensure they are dry, and replace your furniture when the job is done. Consider having this task completed once ever six months or so, in order to ensure your rugs and carpets smell their best throughout the year.
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