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    Clean My Carpet Markham

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye! People of Markham! You have finally found the company that can meet all of your cleaning related needs, and can do so at the most reasonable prices! Look no further, because the expert cleaning specialists at Clean My Carpet in Markham have been serving your city for years, and are the pros when it comes to any and all of the following services:

    • Carpet & rug cleaning services
    • Carpet & staircase runner installation & repairs
    • Entrance mat install & cleaning
    • Seasonal Mat installation & cleaning & removal
    • Mattress Cleaning
    • Tile & Grout Cleaning
    • Upholstery cleaning & restoration
    • Emergency Flood & Restoration work
    • Commercial Janitorial Services
    • Duct Cleaning Services
    • Covid-19 Fogging & disinfecting treatments
    • Keep reading for more details!

    Carpet Cleaning Services in Markham

    When was the last time you had the carpets professionally cleaned? It’s probably time. In fact, professional carpet cleaning is typically recommended every three months. There are so many benefits to having fresh, clean, sanitized carpets, but to name a few:

    • Fresher smelling space
    • Improved breathing air – reduced pollutants and allergens
    • Improved mental health – a clean space can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
    • Protect the integrity and condition of carpet – it will just look better
    • Maintain carpet longer – fewer replacements, equals money saved
    • Say good buy to embarrassing stains and odours
    • Revive and rescue caret from the unfortunate things pets can do to it – even those unrelenting cat urine odours.

    You can trust our Markham carpet cleaning team with your carpet investment. Do it yourself is sometimes just not the way to go when it comes to something that can so greatly affect the people using the space. Strong chemicals can be dangerous, but our highly trained staff know the right cleaning agents to use and how to use them safely.
    Red wine stains are no match for our skills! Nor are pet stains and odours, Allergens (including pet dander), and all the stuff you can’t see like deeply imbedded dirt, dust and debris.
    After we are done with your carpets, you will immediately see improvement, which will go a long way to helping your overall mental and physical wellbeing. In fact, we believe that you will be so pleased that you will want to schedule your next carpet cleaning service ASAP. Which, of course, Clean My Carpet will be happy to do for you!

    Carpet Cleaning Markham (Clean My Carpet)

    Excellent Carpet Cleaning Services near you in Markham

    At Clean My Carpet in Markham, we have friendly certified staff ready to assist you with all your carpet cleaning, installation and repair needs with one easy phone call!

    Rug Cleaning in Markham

    Designing an inviting space can require so much work. We spend time choosing colour palettes, upholstery, and more. Then, we tie it all together with carefully chosen area rugs. A good quality, well chosen, area rug can be a crown jewel to completing a space.

    Don’t let all that design work be swiftly dragged down by an area rug that has become dirty, dingy or damaged. Give Clean My Carpet a call today and we can pick up right from your location in Markham. We will arrange a convenient time for pick-up and take your area rugs to our offsite factory. Once our rigorous and through cleaning services have been completed for your Wool rugs, Persian rugs, Synthetic rugs, Silk rugs, Oriental rugs, Flokati rugs, or Cowhide rugs, (and more), we will safely return them to your care.

    Give us your big and smell area rugs, flat woven or high pile. At Clean My Carpet we can handle it all, including area rug repairs. Our experts will perform rug repairs, fringing, binding, cutting & re-surging, and more. You can trust us to care for your area rug like it is our own.

    Mattress Cleaning in Markham

    A quick search on the internet will bring up so many suggestions on how a mattress can be cleaned at home, but often these methods will be a lot of work for very little reward. When it comes to an investment like a mattress, you should call in the professionals at Clean My Carpet in Markham. We have the safe and recommended chemical treatments for full disinfection, stain removal, dust mite treatment, and dead skin cell removal.

    Our highly trained technicians know how to perform their work to remove all of the frightening contaminant that your mattresses may be harboring, including the things we would all rather not think about.
    Stains, including blood, sweat and urine, will be long gone, your mattress will look and smell fresh and clean again. Don’t take for granted what a professional clean can do for all of your mattress cleaning needs. No job is too big or too small, just give Clean My Carpet a call.

    Tile and Grout Cleaning in Markham

    Don’t let drab and dull tile and grout bring down your space. At Clean My Carpet we offer professional and exceptional tile and grout cleaning services. We will restore your investment tile and grout back to its former glory. Our trained Markham team are pros with your porcelain or ceramic tile, and more.

    You will be impressed with just how clean your tile and grout will come with effective products, tools and skilled technique! We work hard so our customers can boast about just how clean and bacteria free their tiles and grout are. After our full cleaning and sanitizing process is complete, we may apply a clean penetrating sealer for added protection (dependent on your tile type). The difference will be visibly noticeable! No job is too big or too tough for Clean My Carpet. Book an appointment today.

    Upholstery Cleaning in Markham

    It’s time to protect your investment and have the freshness and beautify of your furniture restored by our highly skilled upholstery cleaning team! Clean My Carpet has been a trusted name for upholstery care for years. You, your family, clients, or employees will notice the different of having a healthier environment when your upholstered items are refreshingly clean.

    Beautiful to look at and healthier for everyone. Professional cleaning will keep your furniture looking great for much longer. Our highly trained upholstery technicians can identify fabrics, and choose the correct cleaning solutions to revive them back to almost new conditions. Call us today, and say Sayonara to stains, spills, dirt, and all other hidden impurities we don’t like to think about!

    Emergency Flood and Restoration Markham

    Chances are we will all encounter minor flood situations at some point in our lives. Some of us will encounter more serious flood situations. This is a scary thought, but it’s important to be prepared, and have a plan.

    At Clean My Carpet in Markham we always recommend a) having full and proper insurance coverages, including insurance that will cover a hotel stay if required; b) having the name and number of a reputable Emergency Flood and Restoration company on hand (we suggest us); c) being prepared to act quickly if such an emergency happens to you.

    At Clean My Carpet we have made sure our flood and restoration team have been fully trained and certified in the work they perform. They are on call 24/7 and ready to respond to your emergency! This is highly specialized work, that needs to be performed by professionals. There are some jobs you might be able to tackle yourself, but this should never be one of them.

    There are so many very serious safety concerns that will need to be addressed when there is a flood or water loss – electrical current, bio hazards, fast mould growth (including dangerous black mould), water extraction, proper drying equipment, and the proper tools to take accurate moisture level readings and thermal scans. There are times in life where short cuts can be taken, but this truly is not one of them.

    Our team will work with you through every step of this process, and communicate with you step by step. When they are done their work, they will give you back the keys to your space, and you will know it’s truly safe for living or working in again.
    Never let indecision cost you time or money. When you endure a flood or water loss give Clean My Carpet a call right away. We are known as a reputable firm in this industry, and we stand behind our flood and restoration work.

    Commercial Janitorial Cleaning in Markham

    At Clean My Carpet we offer the most complete commercial janitorial packages for your Workplace, Office, Condominium, Apartment building and so much more. Our janitorial proposals are highly comprehensive, always cost-effective, and of course professional.

    Clean My Carpet is providing commercial janitorial services in Markham, and around the GTA. We work with our clients to develop a schedule that meets your needs 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
    At Clean My Carpets we have developed protocols and procedures for making sure our janitorial staff are dependable and the best trained in the industry. We have high expectations from our people, so you can have high expectations from us at your janitorial contractor.

    A well cleaned site will leave a lasting impression on your customers, clients, residents and employees. We won’t let you down. Give Clean My Carpet in Markham a call today to get your customized proposal. No gimmicks or pressure, just good honest pricing backed by excellent janitorial services.

    Duct Cleaning in Markham

    Clean My Carpet’s FIVE KEY SIGNS that it’s time to have your ductwork professionally cleaned:

    1. Dust and dirt build up on your intake vents and your registers. Sometimes you can even see dust stuck to the ductwork just beyond the air intake grates. Vacuuming will help, but there is much more of that debris beyond your reach.
    2. If your home is dusty all the time, no matter how much you clean and dust, this is a sure sign your ductwork needs attention.
    3. Anytime there has been an infestation of any kind of pet, your ductwork needs cleaning as soon as you have gotten the pest control situation under control.
    4. Ductwork needs cleaning after any major renovation work.
    5. If your energy costs are rising this is a sign your heating and cooling systems are not running as efficiently as they should be. Duct cleaning can go a long way to rectifying this.

    At Clean My Carpet in Markham we are a reputable firm that can meet all your duct cleaning needs, and HVAC servicing needs too! And while we’re onsite we can assist you with any dryer and dryer vent service you might need too. Get all of your venting and HVAC services accomplished at one time! Dryer exhaust vents should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year, to avoid potential fire hazards. Property Managers should give us a call to inquire about pricing for bulk service for your residential clients.

    Covid-19 Fogging Treatments and Disinfecting

    At first it might look like a scene out of a sci-fi film when our Covid-19 response team gets to work. They will be wearing hazmat gear, and they will be carrying the newest and most innovative fogging and disinfecting equipment as they quickly and effectively treat your office, workplace, condo or apartment building (we service these locations and more).

    At Clean My Carpet we realized it was important to quickly add Covid-19 Fogging to our fleet of expert cleaning services, and we did just that for Markham and the GTA. This could be the service you need for preventative measures or if you fear that you may have an outbreak or community spread. Call us today so we can help you regain control and sanitation in your space.

    Clients Wanted In Beautiful Markham (And The Gta)! We Offer Top Notch Pressure Washing Services!

    Clean My Carpet is seeking clients to impress in Markham! We want your Pressure Washing business, and we won’t let you down! If you call us a chance, we will give you:

    • Dependability (if we say we will be there, we will be there)
    • Top notch services
    • Reasonable pricing
    • One less task for you to do!

    Clean My Carpet is focused on doing the job right. We don’t use pressure tactics on our customers, and we give good honest pricing to everyone. Repeat customers make our day! It is always our goal to make every single customer a repeat customer by treating them right, doing the work right, and respecting their time.

    Superior professional equipment! Superior trained technicians! Trusted and environmentally safe products! We can do it all from A to Z! We can bring water to sites without water. We can heat the water for jobs that require a little extra. Give Clean My Carpet a call so we can provide you pricing and book your Pressure Washing services right away!

    Markham Residential Customers needed! Don’t stress over that never ending task list. Just pick up your phone and call Clean My Carpet! We can quickly and easily help you knock so many tasks off that list. You won’t even have to ‘break the bank’ to do so! Do you have some weather-beaten fencing, or maybe a tired looking deck? We can bring them back to life with a safe and effective pressure wash.

    But, of course, that’s not all we can do for you. Clean My Carpet in Markham can restore your deck and/or fencing, clean pools & pool decks, make your siding look like new, clean brickwork, asphalt & concrete. Show us your pergolas, archways, trellises, interlock, pavers & patios, and we’ll show you how they can shine again! Windows & even patio furniture is a snap for us! Do you have a task we haven’t already mentioned, we’re sure we can help. Give us a call!
    We will treat your space like it is our own. We will only use environmentally safe products, so you don’t have to worry about fixing one problem but creating another. Once we are done, we always want our clients to be happy and impressed.

    Markham Commercial Clients wanted! Clean My Carpet will provide you fast and hassle-free quotes and Pressure Washing services. We are well versed in how commercial properties work, and we know that Pressure Washing can be disruptive to the regular function of the property. That is why we are quick, but never cut corners.

    At Clean My Carpet we know how integral it is to perform thorough and professional Pressure Washing services. Pressure Washing work, done right, will go a long way for maintaining the property for the long-haul. This is especially important when it comes to Pressure Washing garage structures. Our professional team have been fully trained to remove all of the built-up salt, sand and chemicals that are dragged into your commercial garage all winter long.

    Clean My Carpet knows and understands how garage structures work, and how important the water proofing membrane is. That is why we use only the best professional equipment, and environmentally safe products when performing Pressure Washing services.

    It’s important for Pressure Washing firms to not just book as many jobs as possible, but to actually make the effort to show up on time, be accountable, do the job properly and in full, minimize inconvenience as much as possible, respect the client, space & environment. That is the integrity that Clean My Carpet brings to every job!

    Garage Pressure Washing is not all we can offer our Markham clients. We offer many more Pressure Washing services, such as graffiti removal, pool & pool deck cleaning, concrete/brickwork/interlock/walkway cleaning, railings & fences, decking, garage doors and windows, and so much more! If you have a job, we have the know-how to get it done!

    We are here to serve all our Markham client’s Pressure Washing needs. Our customers are number one! Give Clean My Carpet a call today – we won’t let you down!

    Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

    At Clean My Carpet in Markham, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We will always stand behind our work and our word. Your cleaning and janitorial needs will be performed by certified technicians, competitively priced, executed by fully trained professionals, dependable, friendly, fast & efficient and stress-free!

    We won’t be happy until our customer is happy, and that’s Clean My Carpet’s satisfaction guarantee!

    We serve throughout Markham

    Markham is known as the high-tech capital of Canada, and that’s impressive! Markham is also one of the most diverse cities in all of Canada, and that makes it a welcoming place to work and live. Clean My Carpet has been serving Markham’s commercial cleaning needs for years. We have built strong business connections with so many customers here, and we always welcome more. With so many quality cleaning services in one place, there is no reason not to give Clean My Carpets a call today.

    Areas We Cover

    We provide exclusive cleaning solutions in all the major cities in GTA

    Areas We serve With Our facilities

    Markham is a popular city in Canada with a dense population and considerable industrial development. We have been providing cleaning services in Markham to meet the residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs for years. We also cover the surrounding areas with our excellent cleaning facilities. Our location allows us to provide the service smoothly and quickly in Markham and the surrounding areas. The other areas we serve are Ajax, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Oshawa, etc.

    Clean My Carpet is a destination where you get all the different cleaning services, with great results and at a reasonable price. We use the best cleaning tools and solutions that ensure the best results each time.

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