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Carpet Cleaning Mississauga: 6 Simple Steps To Prepare Your Home For Guests

Carpet cleaning Mississauga customers often talk about the chore that is getting your home ready for guests. It can seem completely overwhelming, especially when you factor in all the other, non-cleaning related tasks that are also clogging up your to-do list. While hiring a professional cleaning team to come in and scrub your home from top to bottom is tempting, it isn’t always feasible or possible depending on your budget and timing. Our carpet cleaning Mississauga team have a few tips that can make this whole process a whole lot easier:

This approach helps to break the seemingly monumental task of cleaning your entire home into eight very simple, manageable steps. In fact, it’s cleaning strategy that you can implement when you do your spring and fall deep cleans as well! Here are those steps in a little more detail.


The first step is to grab a pen and paper and plan out your approach. Write down each of the steps above as headings and fill in what areas of your home will fit in under each heading. Under those subheadings, jot down whatever task needs to be tackled and if you have multiple members of your family, assign each task to a person. Be sure to include what cleaning supplies they will need.
Start by standing outside your front door and work your way through the house as your guests will. Make a note of anything that needs to be tidied, cleaned, or moved in order to make your home guest-friendly. As you walk through your home, look it the way yimagesour mother would. It’s easy to overlook clutter and the grime that can accumulate in corners when you pass by it every day. When you get to the areas of your home that will be occupied by guests, make a note of anything that should be moved or repositioned to keep fragile items from breaking, or family heirlooms from being in the hands of young children.
When you get to your kitchen, be sure to examine the countertops, the top of the fridge and any areas where you store medicine. It’s probably a good idea to add “clean out the fridge” to your list now, as it will need to be done before the party in any event.

Once your list is complete, organize it into tasks that can easily be done, using clear and concise language. Try and group similar chores together, so you won’t be going back and forth to your cleaning supplies to grab the same one multiple times. Also try and group rooms together, so that you can see your progress.

Be sure to stick to your list, and avoid getting distracted by social media, television, or Netflix as you clean. There’s nothing wrong with having some music or other entertainment on for background noise, but avoid the temptation to spend more time watching or reading than you do cleaning.

The next step is to brighten your entryway and clean your windows. This will make your house seem brighter, which can help give you the motivation you need to keep going. As you clean your windows, be sure to get them all, in each room, and don’t forget any glass that happens to be in doors. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the screens, which are often overlooked in the cleaning process. Sweep your porch and walkway, and be sure to clear up any cobwebs that may exist. Remove any large objects from your lawn and porch, such as bikes, and find an alternate spot to store these until after your party. This is an excellent time to wash your curtains or other window coverings as well. If you have the time, iron them after to give them a crisp clean look that will help accent your beautifully clean windows.
This is a great chore to assign to your children, if they are old enough to handle it. Be sure that the toilet is scrubbed and the counters cleared of make up, body lotions and other types of clutter. You can store these under your counter, or put them in a pretty basket until the day of the party. Then you can store it in a linen closet until afterwards. Scrub the tub and arrange the bathroom essentials in a neat way. If you have the time, take a trip to the dollars store to get a shower organizer and store them there. Not only does it make the shower/tub area look cleaner, those shower organizers are incredibly useful.

Be sure to take a few moments and examine your medicine cabinet. Humans are naturally curious beings, and some of your guests may take a peak. Hide anything that you don’t want other people to see in a storage bin that can easily be put under your bed or in a drawer in your room to keep it away from prying eyes.

You want to be sure that your guests have a lot of space to sit, stand, or move about during your party, so tackle your guest areas next. Move any fragile items to areas where the y can’t be reached, or hide them away altogether. Using the laundry basket approach can be incredibly helpful for making this task go by much faster:

  • Grab a laundry basket for each member of your family
  • As you walk through the living spaces, pick up anything that is out of place
  • Toss it in the laundry basket associated with its owner
  • Assign that family member the task of putting their belongings away

This saves you the time and effort of putting away everyone else’s things, while also trying to prepare the rest of your home, and gets your family involved in the cleaning process. If you don’t have time to put away your own laundry basket full of items, you can always tuck it away to tackle after the party, which still makes your living room and other common spaces free from clutter.

As you walk through these living spaces, keep an eye out for anything that might get in the way. Consider rearranging your furniture if you think guests may walk into an errant chair or end table.

The kitchen may be the least pleasant task on your list, but is also one of the most important. Start by cleaning out the fridge, and throwing away anything past it’s expiry date. This helps to make room for party food and drinks. Wipe down the fridge and clean all visible surfaces until they shine, including your cooktop and grates. Empty out the garbage and recycling, and try and keep on top of this task each day until the day of the party. As clean as the rest of your kitchen may be, the sight of an overflowing garbage bin will undo your hard work.
The last thing you need to do is to have your carpets professionally cleaned. Renting a steam machine and doing it yourself may seem tempting, but carpet cleaners are professionals who are able to get the job done better and faster, without any stress to you. They can come in, move your furniture, clean and dry your carpets, and replace your furniture when done. This gives you a clean that will long outlast your party, and your carpet cleaning Ajax company knows that a clean home can help remove a lot of stress from your everyday life.