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    Clean my Carpet

    Clean My Carpet is a trusted name in Mississauga for providing best-in-class carpet cleaning services. We can proudly boast that this is the place to get the best cleaning solutions, and at the most reasonable prices in the GTA. However, don’t let the name fool you! We don’t just provide professional carpet and rug cleaning services for your home and office! We offer a number of high-quality, reasonably priced cleaning services to customers in Mississauga and around the GTA!

    We offer the following hassle-free services in your area (for residential and commercial): Carpet and Rug Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Emergency Flood and Restoration, Commercial and Residential Cleaning and Duct Cleaning Services.

    Let us take the stress away from you! Keep reading for more details on the various services Clean My Carpet can offer for your home and business needs!

    Quality Carpet Cleaning in Mississauga

    At Clean My Carpet we know everyone wants to feel confident in the freshness and cleanliness of their home or office. Especially when family, friends or clients will be visiting. It is always so inviting to enter a space that both looks and smells clean.

    Many of us value the importance of deep cleaning our carpets, but we just don’t have the time, expertise or the proper tools to get the job done right. But, the cleanliness of the carpet in our homes and offices can impact our lives and health. Maintaining good health is especially important these days, and is a concern on all of our minds.

    The same carpet that makes our homes and offices more comfortable and inviting, can also harbor a considerable amount of dirt, dust, debris, and allergens deep down in their fibers where vacuuming and spot-cleaning just cannot reach. Hidden contaminants can contribute to various health problems such as asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues that can range from moderate to severe. How confident do you feel in the safety and cleanliness of the carpets in your residential or commercial space?

    Protect your Investment! Potential health concerns are important, but are not the only reason that carpets should be cleaned and maintained properly. Your carpets are an investment in your home or office, and must be treated like any other similar investment. Some maintenance and upkeep are required to prolong the longevity and condition of your carpets. When cleaned regularly and professionally, your carpets will look better, smeller fresher, last longer, and promote better health for adults, children and even your pets. Visitors to your home or office will notice the cleanliness and freshness too.

    Carpet Cleaning Mississauga (Clean My Carpet)

    Exclusive Carpet Cleaning Services near you in Mississauga

    Do you have quality carpet cleaning in mind? Are you looking for certified and trained cleaning experts? Look no further because you have come to the right place! Clean My Carpet’s highly trained technicians will pre-inspect your carpets, identify areas of concern, and will put together a cleaning solution to target all of your carpet cleaning needs. If you want to hire cleaning professionals near you in Mississauga, Clean My Carpet is just a phone call away!

    Rug Cleaning in Mississauga

    With us, you will enjoy a complete range of rug cleaning services in Mississauga. Our Rug Cleaning services cover all different types of area rugs including wool rugs, Persian rug, synthetic rug, silk rug, Oriental rug, Flokati rug, Cowhide rug, and much more. We will pick up your area rug(s) from your home or business, and clean them at our off-site location to ensure a complete deep cleaning, while maintaining the integrity of your area rug(s). Apart from cleaning, we also offer rug repairs, fringing, binding, cutting & re-surging, and more. Give us a call for more information on our rug cleaning services, being offered to all of our valued Mississauga customers.

    Similarly, to carpeting in your home or office, rugs can also contribute to health concerns if they are not properly cleaned and maintained.

    Mattress Cleaning in Mississauga

    Experts recommend replacing mattresses approximately every 6 to 8 years. As you can imagine your mattress will log a lot of use in that time. Our mattress cleaning team in Mississauga specializes in stain removal, treating dust mites, and removal of many others contaminants to provide proper care for your valuable mattress. We pay special attention to removing dead skin cells, urine, odour and more from your mattress. For mattresses, a deep and thorough cleaning is essential since there are many layers. To deal with this, Clean My Carpet uses advanced cleaning equipment and specialized cleaning agents. It is averaged that we spend approximately 26 years of our lives sleeping, so leave it to the professionals to care for your mattresses so you can sleep tight knowing you and your family are on clean and sanitized mattresses.

    Tile and Grout Cleaning in Mississauga

    Let’s face it, stained tile or grout can leave even the cleanest kitchen or bathroom looking dingy or dirty, and sometimes no amount of elbow-grease can get it clean enough.

    At Clean My Carpet, our Mississauga tile and grout cleaning services offers both residential and commercial services. We strive to restore your kitchen or bathroom tile and grout, and to revive its appearance to be like new again. We apply an advanced cleaning process so you can make the most of your investment.

    While servicing your floors, we may also consider applying a colour sealant to your grout if required. Our process is effective and safe for your tiles and grout. You will be amazed at the difference a professional clean can make and you can rest assure knowing that your tiles are completely sanitized and will be free of mould, germs and bacteria. We will remove years of dirt, grim and soap scum from your tiles. This is an excellent service to consider if you’re looking to place your home on the market.

    Upholstery Cleaning in Mississauga

    Clean My Carpet is Mississauga’s top experts when it comes to upholstery cleaning. Our services include stain and stubborn odour removal, often left behind from pets and other spills and accidents. Before throwing out your sofa or chair, give it a second chance in the hands of Mississauga’s leading professionals when it comes to upholstery cleaning. Our solution is not a one size fits all service. We will complete a full assessment, including fabric identification, before starting the cleaning process. It is just as important to us, as it is to you, that we ensure the integrity of your upholstery during the cleaning process. Clean My Carpet has the right tools, best solutions and most important of all highly trained professionals who are passionate about upholstery cleaning.

    Emergency Flood and Restoration Mississauga

    Clean My Carpet are also experts in emergency flood and restoration work in Mississauga, and are well-known for being a reputable company to handle all of your emergency flood and restoration needs. Being able to trust your restoration company is incredibly important when something so upsetting as a flood happens.

    Our technicians will arrive on site quickly, and with all of the required equipment to ensure damages can be mitigated right away. We are experts in all water loss categories, and bringing your residential or commercial property back to pre-flood conditions. To prevent dangerous mould, we measure moisture levels and complete thermal imaging to ensure that all areas are properly dried. We offer complete disinfection, mould removal and prevention.

    At Clean My Carpet we will care for your home as if it was our own, and we will never cut concerns that can put your safety in jeopardy. We will be there from start to the finish when we can begin the rebuild process. Our team of highly trained technicians will provide you with daily updates throughout the entire process, including easy to understand moisture reading and thermal imaging reports. Dealing with a flood is stressful enough, let the professionals at Clean My Carpet in Mississauga take that stress away.

    Commercial and Residential Cleaning in Mississauga

    Moving in? Moving out? Or are you in need of a deep spring cleaning? You can count on our team to deliver exceptional results. We offer both residential and commercial cleaning, providing services for your home, office, condominium corporation or apartment building. We will customize a janitorial cleaning contract that will not only meet your cleaning needs, but will exceed your budgeting expectations. We have been servicing clients in the Mississauga area for years. Give Clean My Carpet a call so we can customize a cleaning service or contract that suits all of your cleaning needs, and your budget.

    Duct Cleaning in Mississauga

    Clean My Carpet is Mississauga’s duct cleaning solution for cleaner air. We offer duct cleaning, vent cleaning, furnace cleaning and fan coil cleaning services for residential and commercial customers in Mississauga and the GTA. Regular cleaning of you HVAC system helps to reduce the amount of bacteria and allergens that are being circulated indoors. We offer full disinfection packages as well as filter cleaning.

    You may not see the particles that are floating around indoors but you do breathe them in, and these particles have a direct impact to your respiratory health. Dirty indoor air can cause allergies and other health problems which is why it is so important to have your ducts cleaned on a regular basis.

    We also offer dryer vent cleaning. Did you know that if you do not clean your dryer vents out properly you are at risk of a fire? Cleaning out the lint trap is not always enough. Annual dryer vent cleaning will not only make your dryer work more efficiently but will prevent possible fires due to blockages.

    Clean My Carpet! Pressure Washing Services For Mississauga & The Gta!

    We’re always here to serve Mississauga’s pressure washing needs! Keep reading to find out how Clean My Carpet can help make your residential or commercial properties sparkle again! We proudly provide service to Mississauga and the GTA, so once we impress you, feel free to recommend us to others.
    With the best professional commercial equipment, we can take care of all of your pressure washing tasks. We have a truck mounted trailer so we can supply water even to jobsites that have no water hookup available. If the job required heated water, that is no problem either.
    Do you need a quote first? Just ask! At Clean My Carpet we always want to work with you and make your job easier.

    For our valued residential customers: we can make it a breeze to restore your wooden decks & fences with our safe and effective pressure washing services. That is certainly not all that Clean My Carpet can do for you either! Our technicians are experts are reviving pools & pool decks, siding, brickwork, asphalt and concrete, pergolas/archways/trellises, interlock, pavers, patios, windows, outdoor furniture, and so much more. You need only ask. No job too big or too small!

    At Clean My Carpet we know that your home is your sanctuary. We also know that people live busy lives. So, let us help you breathe new life into your space, and make it look like new again! Our highly trained professionals know the best techniques to safely lean various outdoor spaces of your property, and better yet we always use environmentally friendly products. To revive the beauty of your property should not come at the cost of compromising your valued green space.

    With Clean My Carpet you do not have to work about damage. Our skilled technicians will always identify any concerns up front, so the customer can make educated decisions on how to proceed. Also, Clean My Carpet always stands behind their work – 100%!

    For our valued commercial customers: At Clean My Carpet our technicians are fully trained in performing full commercial garage washes. Commercial garage maintenance is absolutely crucial to maintaining the longevity and integrity of your garage and above structures, as applicable.

    Canadian winters are a challenge for garage structures. Vehicles track in more salt, dirt, and road chemicals than one could imagine. As the vehicles sit, the snow and ice melt off and all those chemicals end up on sitting on and drying onto the waterproofing membrane of the garage floor. If the garage is not properly cleaned and maintained, those chemicals begin to erode the floor membrane, and then seep into the concrete. This might not cause an immediate problem, but as time goes on the salt and chemicals will eventually cause cracks and reach the rebar imbedded in the concrete. A poorly maintained garage will eventually have structural issues.

    It’s not all doom & gloom though! Clean My Carpet is here to offer our fast and professional services. We will help you develop a plan to maintain your garage, and we will always respect your budget as well. If you need a quote, you need only ask! We’re not pushy, but we are here to support our customers.

    We offer our valued Mississauga customers even more services! Such as graffiti removal, pool and pool deck cleaning, concrete/brickwork/interlock/walkway cleaning, railings & fences, decks, garage doors, and more! You need only ask or point!

    We welcome and appreciate both residential and commercial clients the same, so please do not hesitate to give is a call. Let us help you restore your property with a professional pressure washing service, but no pressure tactics!

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Clean My Carpet is renowned for providing unique service qualities that meet or exceed the cleaning needs of the people of Mississauga. We have been serving customers with honest hassle-free cleaning solutions for years. We are a one stop shop! We can meet all of your different cleaning needs effectively on one platform. Contact us to book an appointment.

    This is where you get the best quality carpet cleaning, rugs cleaning, mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, emergency flood clean-up, cleaning/janitorial, and duct cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers. We have been servicing Mississauga and its surrounding areas for years, and have accomplished thousands of cleaning services with great success. We pay sincere attention to customer satisfaction, and that makes us one of the leading cleaning companies in the city.

    Clean my Carpet has been providing high quality services for all the different types of cleaning requirements for years, and we proudly stand behind our work. The work will be made to seem effortless by our knowledgeable Clean My Carpet technicians. We have an excellent team of well trained and certified professionals to assist you with your residential or commercial cleaning needs right now. We have accomplished hundreds of cleaning projects over the years, and we have an extended clientele in Mississauga and surrounding areas. We always aim for repeat customers, and word of mouth recommendations, so we always bring our ‘A’ game!

    We Serve Throughout Mississauga

    Mississauga is a beautiful city with a high population and notable industrial progress. Clean My Carpet has been in this industry and serving the commercial and residential cleaning and carpet cleaning requirements in Mississauga for years. Our location helps us offer cleaning services in Mississauga and surrounding areas quickly and efficiently. Clean My Carpet is your one stop shop where you can choose from a variety of cleaning services, with great results and at a reasonable price. We use the best cleaning tools and solutions that ensure the best results each time. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied!

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    We provide exclusive cleaning solutions in all the major cities in GTA

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    Mississauga is a beautiful city with a dense population and great industrial development. We have been serving the residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs in this city for years. We also cover all its surrounding places with our renowned cleaning services. Our base location allows us to provide the service in Mississauga and in other places quickly. We cover all the important places in Canada and we have a huge team of professionals to serve the huge requirements of our services.

    Clean My Carpet is a destination where you get all the different cleaning services, with great results and at a reasonable price. We use the best cleaning tools and solutions that ensure the best results each time.

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