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The carpet cleaning Pickering experts of today have studied a lot of different carpet cleaning methods that were introduced years go in the Greater Toronto Area. Of those many methods, the experts at Clean My Carpet have chosen to use four in which are very effective. Retaining a little bit of knowledge about the many different carpet cleaning methods is both interesting and beneficial. Understanding what your carpet has to go through in order for it gain back its original brand new look is quite important.

These are the four main carpet cleaning methods:

During the cleaning process, expert carpet cleaners do not use any water. At Clean My Carpet, we sprinkle a little bit of absorbent compound over your carpet. After that step, we take our might mechanized brush and work it through your carpet. During this process, all of the soil that was once in your carpet begins to dissolve. Fibres such as hemp and sisal are damaged quite easily and benefit from this cleaning method. Many people love to choose the dry cleaning method due to the imperative fact that it dries carpet faster than any other cleaning method.
The steam cleaning method is one of the most popular cleaning methods. This method is also known as many experts as hot water extraction. Our expert staff members heat water until it gets to its boiling point. Once everything is all set and hot, we inject it into your carpet. The heat from our effective steam cleaners loosens all of the dirt particles, bugs, and dust mites that have found a home in your carpet. A high number of residents absolutely love the idea of steam cleaning because it is environmentally friendly, there are no chemicals that are used, it viciously kills bacteria and removes odours. If you have a pet, steam cleaning may be your best bet.
Bonnet cleaning is often confused with carpet dry cleaning. During the bonnet cleaning phase, we use our cleaning product (sometimes mixed with carbonated water) and we sprinkle a mist over your carpet. We then run a bonnet over the soiled area for the purpose of removing all dirt, bugs, and other particles. Bonnet cleaning is more of a temporary fix. Expert carpet cleaners urge all of their clients to know that only the top cover of your carpet is cleaned during this phase and the soil that settled at bottom remains.
During this process, we take a foamy chemical and spread it all over your carpet. Then, we use our powerful motorized circular brush and scrub the chemical into your carpet. This process does not include any form of extraction. In saying that, the surface must be vacuumed right after so that all bugs, soil, dirt and residue is removed. If your carpet is low-piled and heavily soiled, this is the best cleaning method for you.