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    Clean My Carpet Scarborough

    If you’re in need of quality carpet cleaning at a reasonable cost, then Clean My Carpet in Scarborough is the company to call. We have been offering carpet cleaning services here for years, and always giving our customers fair and honest pricing.

    At Clean My Carpet we also have some other “tricks” up our sleeves! We offer our valued customers a number of high-quality, reasonably priced commercial cleaning services in Scarborough and around the GTA!

    Clean My Carpet offers the following services in your area TODAY: Carpet and Rug Cleaning, Carpet and Rug Installation and Repairs, Staircase Runner Installation, Entrance and Seasonal Mat Install and Removal, Mattress Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Emergency Flood and Restoration, Janitorial Services, Duct Cleaning Services and Covid-19 Fogging.
    Do you have something else on your cleaning to-do list, just give us a call because we can probably help you out!
    Many hands make light work! Let us take on your toughest cleaning jobs!

    Carpeting and Pets can be a recipe for trouble, but we can fix that!

    Clean My Carpet is a recommended carpet cleaning service in Scarborough, and we know how vital it is to maintain clean carpets and rugs for better health and a fresher space. This includes our expertise with carpet and rug rescue from pet odours, hair, dander and stains. Clean My Carpet hires professionals with the knowledge and training to provide the best services to address these unique challenges.

    Pets can often pose some roadblocks when it comes to maintaining fresh & clean carpet. Clean My Carpet technicians know just how to deal with pet odour removal (yes, even cat urine odours) and pet stain removal too. We have the best quality cleaning agents with the necessary enzymes that get right to the source of the odour or stain and eliminate it for good! Don’t let those embarrassing odours or unsightly stains be a problem any longer!

    Carpet Cleaning Scarborough (Clean My Carpet)

    Quality Carpet Cleaning in Scarborough

    Clean My Carpets knows all the risks of neglected carpet cleaning. With regular or high foot traffic there are allergens, dander, dirt, debris contaminants, and more being ground deeply into the carpet daily. Keeping that in mind, how confident do you feel in the cleanliness of your carpets right now?

    Even a visually “clean” carpet can harbor these impurities, and they will contribute to health concerns for everyone working or living in the space. Children tend to be particularly prone to complications caused by dirty carpet, especially children diagnosed with asthma. Full and deep carpet cleaning should never be taken for granted. It is generally recommended that carpets be professionally cleaned every three to six months, depending on traffic levels, pets, and other contributing factors. Call Clean My Carpet today so we can help you come up with a plan that works for your location and your budget.

    Our carpet cleanings services will improve the cleanliness, health, freshness and condition of your carpet. Everyone will notice the difference. Professional cleaning will help you protect the investment of your carpeting, and proper maintenance will extend the longevity and condition of your carpets.

    Carpet Repairs, Installation, Staircase Runners, Entrance Mats, and Seasonal Mats – we can help with it all!

    We can save your carpet! Clean My Carpet offers customers of Scarborough quality carpet cleaning services, but we are also specialists in the following services:

    • Carpet Installation
    • Carpet Repairs
    • Carpet Stretching
    • Carpet Tiles
    • Staircase Runners
    • Commercial Entrance Mats & Seasonal Mats

    If you find buckles or carpet damage, it’s very important to rectify these problems quickly. Carpet damage that is left too long could cause your carpet to become damaged beyond repair Also damaged carpet is often a tripping hazard. Call us today so we can help you resolve any carpet repair problem you have! We can stretch and refasten your carpet to the tack system – problem solved! Avoid unnecessary expenses or trip and fall injuries by calling us today.

    Don’t forget, we can also help you with these carpet related tasks:

    Carpet Installation – including staircase runner installation or repair

    Carpet Repairs – buckle, discoloration, resistant stains, pulls, and more.

    Mat installation or Removal – entrance mats, and seasonal mats

    Rug Cleaning in Scarborough

    With us, you will enjoy a comprehensive range of rug cleaning services in Scarborough. Our Rug Cleaning services include many different types of area rugs including Wool rugs, Persian rugs, Synthetic rugs, Silk rugs, Oriental rugs, Flokati rugs, Cowhide rugs, and much more. We will pick up your area rugs from your home or business, and clean them at our off-site factory location. You will receive your area rug back after a deep cleaning that revives and restores your valuable rug.
    We also have trained technicians that offer the best rug repairs including fringing, binding, cutting & re-surging, and more. Give us a call for more information on our rug cleaning services. You can trust Clean My Carpet with your investment pieces!

    Mattress Cleaning in Scarborough

    Do you remember how inviting your mattress looked when you first brought it home? How is it looking these days? Even if it looks okay, how sure are you of its cleanliness? Our mattresses get a lot of use in their lifetime, and during that use they collect a lot of alarming contaminants like dead skin cells, sweat, dust, dirt, dust mites (and yes, their feces too), urine and blood stains, and more. We don’t mean to alarm you, but this is just the unfortunate truth.

    At Clean My Carpet in Scarborough, we know how to clean mattresses properly to reach the many layers, and remove the impurities that affect our health. We have the right industry standard equipment, and sanitizing cleaning agents to leave your mattresses fresh, clean and safe.
    Facility Managers should give us a call too, because we can assist you with guest suite mattresses, hotel mattresses, and motel mattresses. Giving your valued mattresses and proper cleaning is far more affordable than replacing them frequently.

    Tile and Grout Cleaning in Scarborough

    Clean My Carpet can assist you with all of your tile and grout cleaning needs. Tiles are an investment, and when they look fresh, they can be very impressive. But when they look dingy, they can quickly bring down the overall impression of cleanliness of the entire space.

    Don’t let dull or dingy tile and grout give your visitors, clients, customers, residents the wrong impression. Call Clean My Carpet in Scarborough so we can book you in for our advanced tile and grout cleaning process. Our technician will leave your tiles and grout looking like new, and you will be impressed at just how easy it was to completely transform the space!

    Upholstery Cleaning in Scarborough

    Clean My Carpet is Scarborough’s first call when it comes to cleaning and restoring upholstery. Save some money and call us before you throw away that sofa, chair, etc. Our upholstery cleaning team are trained and familiar with various fabrics, and how they need to be treated. Expert care will be given to addressing stains, spills, and other upholstery concerns – including pet stains, odors and dander! You can trust us with your upholstery, give Clean My Carpet a call today.

    Emergency Flood and Restoration Scarborough

    Yes, Clean My Carpet also performs emergency flood and restoration work in Scarborough! A flood is a stressful event, and we sincerely hope you never find yourself in this situation, but if you do – give us a call right away!
    Our highly trained experts know exactly what needs to happen when there is water loss/flooding. This is not work that can be entrusted to just anyone. The technicians you trust, need to know exactly what they are doing at all times, because safety is paramount. Mould grows fast, and can be detrimental to health and wellbeing.
    Our knowledgeable emergency floor and restoration team will always:

    • Arrive on site quickly
    • Secure the location for safety (electrical concerns, bio hazard, and more)
    • Immediately take action to mitigate damages
    • Bring the best equipment to begin the drying process
    • Utilize thermal scanning equipment, and monitor moisture levels
    • Remove water damaged components such as flooring, drywall, etc.
    • Communicate often and effectively with clients from start to finish
    • Act honestly and with integrity, so you can trust the work will be done properly

    Commercial Cleaning in Scarborough

    At Clean My Carpet, our team provides commercial janitorial cleaning services for offices, condominiums and apartment buildings. Call us today for a proposal. We have the solution to your cleaning and janitorial requirements.

    Hiring an outside janitorial firm will save you so much time. You have the dependable service you need, but you do not have to oversee hiring, payroll, sick days, vacation and vacation coverage. We will take that all on for you!
    Our pricing is fair in the industry, and our janitorial staff will come to you trained and ready to work.

    A fresh and clean environment will be noticed by your employees, residents, customers and guests. We can meet all your cleaning needs! In addition to our excellent janitorial services we offer carpet/tile care, upholstery cleaning, Covid-19 disinfecting service, and more. Just ask! Clean My Carpet in Scarborough has all the commercial cleaning solutions ready for you!

    Duct Cleaning in Scarborough

    At Clean My Carpet in Scarborough we think everyone should be breathing the cleanest air possible, but especially within the spaces where they spend the most time (home/office). We offer professional duct cleaning services to our customers, and we won’t even randomly call you to get your business!
    Duct cleaning should be performed at least annually, and should only be undertaken by trusted professionals. Someone performing this work, that doesn’t have the proper knowledge and expertise, can actually make your breathing air worse.
    Dirt, dust, and bacteria can accumulate within your duct work. Some is circulated in the air, but some sits dormant in the duct work due to the dry environment. These impurities need to be properly and safely removed during the duct cleaning process, prior to any cleaning solutions being used in the duct work. Failing to remove the dirt/dust/bacteria can result in creating a moist breeding ground for bacteria that will now grow and be circulated into the air in your space.
    Call us today, so we can book you in for safe and proper duct cleaning services.
    We also perform dryer and dryer vent cleaning (preventative work to avoid fires), and we can set-up bulk service for multi-housing dwellings (condominium and apartment) at affordable prices. Give us a call today!

    Clean My Carpet Offers Pressure Washing Services For Clients In Scarborough & The Gta!

    Clean My Carpet is proudly serving Scarborough clients! Don’t trust just anyone with your pressure washing needs. Trust a company that always values their costumers and stands behind their services! No job is too small, give us a call! We can provide you with fast pricing, and no pushy tactics. We’re into pressure washing, not pressuring clients or future clients.

    Clean My Carpet is equipped with the very best professional commercial equipment! Every job gets our A-Game! Our well-trained technicians know how to use the equipment, and what products can be used for specific tasks. It is our goal to complete the job right the first time.

    Do you need us to bring water to the job site? We can do this, no problem! Does the job require heated water, this also is no problem! If you have a task, we have the what it takes to get it done! We want to do our job so well that you recommend us to others.

    Residential Customers are welcome! How long have you been looking at that aging deck or fence? We all say we’ll get to these things, but there never seen to be enough time in a day, a week or even a month! Or, if there is time, there’s more urgent tasks to take priority.

    So, the beat-up fence or deck wait, but it sticks in the back of our minds as something that needs to be done. Let Clean My Carpet do it for you! We’re fast, reliable and affordable! One less thing for you to worry about.

    Some of our other residential services: Restore your deck and/or fencing, clean pools & pool decks, Siding, Brickwork, Asphalt & Concrete, Pergolas, archways, trellises, Interlock, pavers & patios, Windows, Patio Furniture, and so much more! Please feel free to ask!

    Our homes make us feel safe. They are the places that have kept us safe during a global pandemic. Maintaining and beautifying our homes just makes it an even more enjoyable place to be or to return to each day. A clean space (indoors or outdoors) contributes to good health – mental and physical. Tasks getting completed, even if you hired someone to complete them, is positive forward momentum. You’ll feel more organized, and less stressed. Call Clean My Carpet today so we can assist you with booking the services you need!

    Commercial Clients are welcome! Getting tasks done in your commercial space can also contribute to good mental and physical well-being! Let us help you get all your tasks done – on time, done right, and at a price to fit your budget.

    We don’t want you to have any complaints when the work is done, so we will always do our best to make sure any task you entrust to us is completed right the first time. However, if there is ever a concern, you need only let us know. We stand behind our technician, our work, as well as the environmentally safe products & professional equipment we use.

    We listen to our clients, and so many have told us of many firms offering garage washing services, but these firms seem to book as many jobs as possible to make as much money as possible. In the end, the jobs are rushed, and so often poorly done. That’s not how Clean My Carpet does business. We are efficient in our work to reduce inconvenience for our clients, but never “rush” our commercial pressure washing jobs. Every single job needs to be completed to the client’s satisfaction, always.

    Never underestimate the importance of regular and through garage pressure washing! Canada has some harsh winter conditions, and for driver safety salt, sand, and chemicals are applied frequently to the roads. This is then brought into garages on the vehicles. All of these corrosive chemicals can wreak havoc on a garage’s protective membrane and concrete structures. It might not happen over night, but it will happen if a garage is not properly cleaned. Give Clean My Carpet a call so we can work with you to schedule maintenance, at affordable prices.
    We offer many more pressure washing services too: Graffiti removal, Pool & pool deck cleaning, Concrete/brickwork/interlock/walkway cleaning, Railings & fences, Decking, Garage doors and windows, and so much more! Let us make it a completed task!

    We are here to serve all our Scarborough client’s cleaning needs. We want to bring the wow factor back to your property. Call Clean My Carpet today! You won’t regret it!

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    At Clean My Carpet in Scarborough we pride ourselves in the satisfaction of our many happy clients and customers. Give us a call, so we can prove to you that we have the knowledge and skill to meet all of your cleaning needs. We can help you with all of your important cleaning tasks, even if they’re not listed on this page. Just give us a call, and we will see how we can help you. Our experts provide reliable and friendly service. We’re not happy unless you’re happy!

    Call Us in Scarborough! We Serve throughout the city!

    Scarborough, with its hidden gems (the Scarborough Bluffs and the Toronto Zoo) is wonderfully diverse and multicultural place to work and live. Clean My Carpet has proudly been serving Scarborough customers for many years. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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    Scarborough is a beautiful city with a dense population and great industrial development. We have been serving the residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs in this city for years. We also cover all its surrounding places with our renowned cleaning services. Our base location allows us to provide the service in Scarborough and in other places quickly. We cover all the important places in Canada and we have a huge team of professionals to serve the huge requirements of our services.

    Clean My Carpet is a destination where you get all the different cleaning services, with great results and at a reasonable price. We use the best cleaning tools and solutions that ensure the best results each time.

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