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    Clean My Carpet Brampton

    If you have a cleaning task that you need help with, Clean My Carpet in Brampton has your cleaning solutions! Don’t be let down by those fly-by-night cleaning firms, give us a chance to show you what good quality cleaning really is!
    We have so many outstanding cleaning services to offer the people of Brampton:

    • Carpet & rug cleaning services
    • Carpet & staircase runner installation & repairs
    • Entrance mat install & cleaning
    • Seasonal Mat installation & cleaning & removal
    • Mattress Cleaning
    • Tile & Grout Cleaning
    • Upholstery cleaning & restoration
    • Emergency Flood & Restoration work
    • Commercial Janitorial Services
    • Duct Cleaning Services
    • Covid-19 Fogging & disinfecting treatments

    Carpet Installation, Repairs, Staircase Runners, & Commercial Mats

    No matter how careful you are, carpet damage can and does happen. At Clean My Carpet in Brampton we have tried and tested solutions to quickly repair your carpet! We even have some creative tricks up our sleeve, so even if you think your carpet is a lost cause, give us a call first!

    However, if it is in fact time to replace that old carpet, you should also call Clean My Carpet. We have a stellar carpeting installing crew ready and waiting to install new carpet for you right away!
    Carpet Damage is no match for our repair services! Give us a chance to show you what we can do to resolve your common carpet concerns such as buckling, rippling, discolored spots, damaged seams, pulls, and more.

    Meeting Brampton’s Commercial Mat Needs:

    At Clean My Carpet we can supply and clean all commercial entrance and seasonal mats. A bump or curled edge, then a trip and fall, will result in a hospital call… At Clean My Carpets we know that your mats must always be installed to lay perfectly flat, otherwise they are just become a dangerous tripping hazard. Trust us to do the job right.

    Carpet Cleaning Brampton (Clean My Carpet)

    Excellent Carpet Cleaning Services near you in Brampton

    If you’re looking for a friendly, affordable and professional cleaning, give Clean My Carpet in Brampton a call today. We will immediately arrange to have our passionate, dedicated and certified staff ready to assist you with all your carpet cleaning, installation and repair needs with one easy phone call!

    Rug Cleaning in Brampton

    The very best steps to cleaning your costly area rugs:

    1. Gather your tools and cleaning supplies. Make sure they are the proper tools and supplies to clean your area rug without causing undue damage.
    2. Mix your cleaning solution. You have to be very careful to get this just right or you might cause discoloration or damage.
    3. To be safe, perform a colour test on a discreet area of the rug.
    4. Completely and thoroughly wash the area rug. Pay careful attention to areas with heavy soiling or staining.
    5. Fully rinse the entire area rug.
    6. Remove all excess water and let the rug fully dry in an area where it can get ventilation to both sides.
    OR… better yet, you can complete all this work in one easy step:
    1. Give Clean My Carpet in Brampton a call and let our experts take on all of these complicated steps for you. One phone call will take this difficult task off your plate. We will quickly and easily pick up your valued area rugs, whisk them away to our offsite factory where we will do all of the above and more. Nothing beats a professional cleaning.

    Flat Woven or high pile area rugs of any size are our specialty! Our team are prepared to work with your Wool rugs, Persian rugs, Synthetic rugs, Silk rugs, Oriental rugs, Flokati rugs, or Cowhide rugs, and more. You can trust us to care for your area rugs.

    Mattress Cleaning in Brampton

    There might be dust mites using your mattress like a hotel right now, and they are not paying for their stay! Give Clean My Carpet in Brampton a call today so we can send out our highly skilled Mattress Cleaning Experts!

    Our trained technicians know just what cleaning agents can be used on your expensive mattresses without causing damage. They also have the commercial equipment, solutions and techniques to get deep into the fibers of your mattresses and remove those unwelcome dust mites, dead skin cells, sweat, and stains such as urine and blood.
    You will rest so much better once you know that your mattress has been fully cleaned, refreshed and sanitized. Give us a call to book your appointment today.

    Tile and Grout Cleaning in Brampton

    If your tiles and grout are starting to show their age, not looking clean even after mopping or scrubbing, have staining or discoloration, or just don’t look bright anymore it is time to call Clean My Carpet in Brampton. We will quickly set-up an appointment for professional tile and grout cleaning services.
    Our cleaning systems will blast out years of soiling and residue build-up. When we are done, your tile and grout will be grime and bacteria free. They will gleam brightly, and make you feel proud of your space again, and others will notice the difference too.
    Our skilled technicians will carefully inspect all areas to be serviced. They will determine the best products, pressure and approach to restoring your tiles and grout. Our products effectively sanitize and deodorize all of your tile and grout.

    Upholstery Cleaning in Brampton

    Upholstered furniture can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, so it only makes sense to maintain and protect your furniture on a consistent basis. Of course, the number one thing to do is to vacuum your upholstery regularly. The number two thing to do would be to call Clean My Carpet in Brampton to perform professional and restorative upholstery cleaning for you.

    Even furniture that looks clean will accumulate dirt and dust that builds up deep in the fabric. If this is left untreated, it will eventually cause your furniture to discolor and, the damage could become irreversible. Don’t let it get to that point.

    Cooking odours, soil, grease and oils from your skin will cause your furniture to fade and look tired. The buildup of greasy dirt will be more noticeable on furniture that is more heavily used or in a high traffic location. Professionally cleaning your furniture regularly will prolong the life and maintain its beauty.

    Our technicians are trained in the use of chemicals and methods that will clean your furniture, and maintain its integrity. We specialize in cleaning delicate fabrics as well as cleaning microfiber furniture and even leather furniture. At Clean My Carpet in Brampton we know you will be thrilled with the results.

    Emergency Flood and Restoration Brampton

    Water or flood damage can happen to anyone at any time, and that’s why Clean My Carpet has their trained restoration team on call around-the-clock. We are just a phone call away, and always prepared to handle even the most challenging situations.

    At Clean My Carpet in Brampton we have all the necessary equipment to safely and effectively carry out water extraction, drying, disinfecting, and deodorizing work in all affected areas. We will work quickly to mitigate damages and loss. We will act honestly and with integrity.

    We have high-tech drying equipment that will help prevent mould growth, swelling and warping of any safely salvageable floors, walls, doors and furniture. We have high-speed commercial air movers to create evaporative air movement. Our crew will temporarily install industrial grade dehumidifiers to minimize secondary water damage and mould growth.

    Our highly trained technicians have the very best equipment available to them, and the knowledge to use it. Items like infrared cameras, thermal scanners, hydrometers and various other meters to measure saturation moisture levels.

    When a nightmare like a flood happens, you need a quality company to call. Keep our number handy, and call us 24/7 for your flood and restoration needs. Clean My Carpet in Brampton will be dependable and honest, while helping you get your space back to pre-flood conditions – maybe even a little better!

    Commercial Janitorial Cleaning in Brampton

    At Clean My Carpet in Brampton we don’t pressure our clients into high cost proposals, and we never play the old bait and switch game. Instead we pride ourselves on being a first-rate company when it comes to offering professional janitorial cleaning, at reasonable prices.
    We want to take the burden off you. Once you have a dependable janitorial company in place, you are well ahead of the game! Our cleaning staff are well trained and very knowledgeable. They will clean your commercial space like it’s their own home.
    At Clean my Carpet we know that when we do our job right, everyone looks good and everyone is happier and healthier for it. So, we pride ourselves on delivering on our promises, and maintaining long standing relationship with our valued clients. Give us a call today and let us know you the difference that Clean My Carpet can make when it comes to all of your janitorial needs. Keep in mind we offer so much more with our floor care, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and even our Covid-19 fogging services. We are you trusted and true partners in the fight against grime!

    Duct Cleaning in Brampton

    You dust, vacuum and clean, but still you find more dust accumulation. What’s the deal? This could be a sure sign that it’s time to have your ductwork professionally cleaned, and you should call the professionals at Clean My Carpet in Brampton.
    Cleaning duct work is not work that armatures can safely perform. Don’t put your home, HVAC equipment and health on the line. Call a trusted firm to do the job thoroughly and properly the first time.
    Proper ductwork cleaning will also help you save on energy costs. Your heating and cooling systems will just work more efficiently. You will breathe easier knowing that the air is fresher and cleaner after our task is completed. We have complete HVAC cleaning solutions for your home or apartment.
    Ask us about our dryer and dryer vent services as well. When you’re having your HVAC or ductwork cleaned its always recommended to get the dryer venting and the dryer cleaned as well. We will remove all the built-up lint and dust before it can cause a fire. Property Managers are always invited to give us a call to get pricing for bulk services for your residential clients. They will thank you for offering them this service at a discounted price.

    Covid-19 Fogging Treatments and Disinfecting

    If you have knowledge of a Covid-19 outbreak or possible community spread in your workplace, office, condo, apartment building, retirement home, or more, then it’s time to call in the experts. Clean My Carpet in Brampton has innovative equipment and trusted chemicals to kill the Covid-19 virus.
    This threat is invisible, and passes from person to person so easily. Even if you just want to perform preventative disinfecting, you should give us a call. Our technicians are highly trained and can quickly and effectively treat large spaced. Once our work is done it will be so much easier for your regular janitorial staff to keep the location safe for your residents, clients, customers, and employees.

    People Of Brampton! Clean My Carpet Has The Right Pressure Washing Services For You!

    Clean My Carpet is offering Brampton customers the very best solutions for all your Pressure Washing needs. Not only that! We bring reliability, knowledge, and fair pricing to the table too! We are just a phone call away, and we welcome new and repeat Brampton and GTA customers.

    Your time matters, and we won’t waste it. From your initial call, to pricing/booking, and finally completing your tasks, we will not waste your time. We will not use pushy tactics to get your business. We want to win your repeat business by showing you we are friendly, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. To do this, we only use the very best professional equipment, the best trained technicians, and of course environmentally safe products! Our prices can work with your budget and our Pressure Washing services will be provided without compromise!

    Residents of Brampton just give us a call! No fuss, no muss! We will take on all your Pressure Washing tasks. Have the harsh Canadian winters done a number on your deck or fencing? A good professional power wash can do wonders to restore them, without compromising the integrity of the wood or structure. Your grass, trees and gardens will be safe too. We use environmentally safe products.

    Our Brampton Clients have brought us many different tasks, and we have always excelled at completing them on-time, on-budget, and with customer satisfaction of main importance. We have had customers hire us to restore decking and/or fencing, clean pools & pool decking, power wash siding, refresh brickwork, asphalt & concrete. Show us the way to your stained and dingy pergolas, archways, trellises, interlock, pavers & patios, and we’ll show you how they can look like new again! Windows & weathered patio furniture will be clean again! If you have a task we have not listed, you need only ask.

    Clean My Carpet will use environmentally safe products, so you don’t have to worry about the rest of your property or your pets. We want you to be 100% happy with the end results, and we will always back up our work.

    Commercial Customers of Brampton give us a call! You have a job, we can provide a price. You have a deadline, we can meet your deadline! You have a budget, we will provide affordable services. What we won’t do is let our customers down!

    The best Garage Pressure Washing Services offered in Brampton and the GTA! Our skilled Pressure Washing team will arrive on-time, will bring professional equipment, and use the very best environmentally safe cleaning solutions! We have the know-how, determination, and professionalism to do the job right so we look good, and thus the person who hired us look good!

    Maintaining a commercial garage and property is a big job. Preventative maintenance and safety take top priority. At Clean My Carpet we know and understand this reality. Our technicians are highly trained to get into your commercial garage and clean up all of the dirt, debris, and chemicals from your garage floor and structure. Proudly serving Brampton and the GTA for many years. We have helped so many property managers and superintendents complete important cleaning tasks for years!

    We deliver on our promises. At Clean My Carpet we want to earn our customer’s respect first and foremost, ad in turn we will earn our “pay cheque”. A properly cleaned and maintained garage structure will stand strong for years to come. We want to help you make that the reality of your garage structure.

    But garage Pressure Washing is not all we can offer our valued Brampton clients. We offer many more Pressure Washing services, such as graffiti removal, pool & pool deck cleaning, concrete/brickwork/interlock/walkway cleaning, railings & fences, decking, garage doors and windows, and so much more! Call Clean My Carpet today to book your service or request a quote.

    Clean My Carpet brings the same high level of service and integrity to all of our customers. It doesn’t matter if the job is small or big. We want to be the first people you think of when your next task comes up, or even when someone asks you for a suggestion of a trusted Pressure Washing company.

    Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

    At Clean My Carpet in Brampton, we want to build long standing relationships with all of our customers, and that is why their satisfaction is so important to us. You don’t have to wonder if we will stand behind our work and our word, because we will show you that we will. Your cleaning and janitorial needs will be performed by our proudly certified technicians, they will be competitively priced in the industry, and always dependable, friendly, and efficient!

    We serve throughout Brampton

    Brampton is Canada’s Flower Town! From beautiful Chinguacousy Park to great retail at the Bramalea City Centre and Trinity Commons Mall, Brampton is a nice place to work and live. Clean My Carpet has been serving Brampton’s commercial cleaning needs for many years. We have built strong business connections with so many customers here, and we always welcome more. With so many quality cleaning services in one place, that’s just about the best reason to give Clean My Carpets a call today. Let us show you what we can do for you!

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    Brampton is one of the chief cities in Canada. Our carpet cleaning company in Brampton has been providing cleaning services in the residential and commercial fields for years. We also cover all its surrounding areas with our quality cleaning services. We cover all the significant areas in Canada. Our huge team of professionals makes it possible to handle projects of all sizes. The other places we cover are Woodbridge, Ajax, Richmond Hill, North York, Milton, Whitby, Toronto, Markham, etc.

    Clean My Carpet is a destination where you get all the different cleaning services, with great results and at a reasonable price. We use the best cleaning tools and solutions that ensure the best results each time.

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