Top 5 Professional Tips On Sofa Cleaning In Toronto

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Sofas are a beautiful and comfortable part of your home decor. But unfortunately, sofa cleaning can be a tricky part of maintaining your home. No matter how careful you are with your sofas, spills and dirt are inevitably going to find their way onto them.

Sofa cleaning in Toronto can seem confusing because unlike clothing, you can not just throw it in the washing machine.

For those who may be looking for the best way you clean sofas, we have put together this helpful guide with five tips from professionals. You can use these techniques to maintain your expensive sofas so they can last a long time looking clean and smelling fresh. Read the following lines in detail.

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Five Best Professional Sofa Cleaning Tips

Here are several professional sofa cleaning tips:

1: Regular Vacuuming

If you are serious about sofa cleaning in Toronto, you should purchase a good vacuum with upholstery attachments. The sofa cleaning attachment resembles a miniature version of the larger vacuum, with a rotating brush that picks up stains and dirt.

You must also vacuum your upholstery at least once a week. So that you’re not just cleaning it when it is dirty, but also keeping it clean. If you leave dirt and other messes on your sofas for an extended period, they will penetrate deeper into the fibres of the upholstery.

2: Read the Care Label

A care label should be sewn into a seam or attached to the bottom of every sofa. It will have a code on it, with a “W” indicating that it is safe to use water-based cleaners. An “S” indicates that it is only safe to use solvent-based cleaners, a “W, S” symbolizes that you can use both water and solvent, and an “X” indicates that you should only vacuum.

If you follow these guidelines, you won’t ruin your sofas by using the wrong upholstery cleaning services or products.

3: Use Moisture Wisely

When cleaning your expensive sofas, avoid using too many wet cleaning products. Use as little as possible to remove the stain and give it plenty of time to dry completely.

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Wrapping Up

If you have no time to apply these tips, consider hiring professionals. Having a professional sofa cleaning in Toronto every year will keep your furniture looking new for many years. We have all the tools and techniques necessary to maintain your furniture properly. Furthermore, we can assist you with your sofa cleaning needs at a reasonable fee. Call us today for a free estimate and visit our social media pages.

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