How To Dry A Wet Mattress Quickly After The Cleaning Is Complete?

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Cleaning mattresses by professionals at least once a year is mandatory. After that, you need to offer enough time for the drying process as well.

A wet or damp mattress can be a breeding ground for mold spores and bacteria. Besides, it can raise other serious issues. So, it is important to clean and dry your mattress by allowing for proper airflow. However, there are several other expert tips on how to dry a mattress and remove stains and odors.

So, check out the following to know after the mattress cleaning in Toronto!

Tips For Drying A Wet Mattress Quickly After A Professional Mattress Cleaning!

Follow these steps to outline how to dry a wet bed fast!

1. Soak Up the Water

For tiny wet spots, you can use clean towels to absorb as much water out of the mattress as possible. Then, press the towel firmly into the mattress and change it when it gets too wet.

For extremely wet mattresses, you can sprinkle kitty litter on the wet spot first. After that, press down with towels. The kitty litter can pull more water out and fast the drying process. Experts suggest using a shop-style vacuum to remove saturated kitty litter.

Mattress Cleaning Toronto

2. Absorb Water With a Wet-Dry Vacuum

Another way of drying your mattress is using a wet-dry vacuum. You can move the hose across the surface of the mattress to absorb as much water from the mattress. It is best to work in sections. Start from left to right, then top to bottom until you can’t pull out any more water.

3. Dry It With a Hairdryer

You can also use a hairdryer to dry out it after taking the mattress cleaning service in Toronto. Keeping the hairdryer a few inches from the mattress surface, you can perform the job better. Then, move it back and forth over the wet spot for ten to twenty minutes.

4. Prop The Mattress Up Against A Wall And Use A Fan

Even if the surface feels dry, the inside of the mattress may be wet as they are thick. Prop the mattress up against a wall or other stable surface. Then place a fan so it can blow through the wet area.

Wrapping Up!

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