Carpet Cleaning Services: How Effective Is Hot Water Extraction Method?

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Need to clean the pricey carpet of your living room? Are you concerned about choosing the cleaning method? Then you can opt for the hot water extraction process!

It offers many facilities over steam and other pro carpet cleaning services. This carpet cleaning method involves a unique way – little detergent and the injection of hot water into carpet fibres.

Still, have doubts? Then read this blog. We have addressed all your concern regarding the hot water extraction method in the following!

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Is Hot Water Extraction The Best Method While Considering Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Experts do not use shampoo or other cleaning products in the steam cleaning method. On the other hand, the hot water extraction method needs a little shampoo to help penetrate carpet fibres. Actually, it helps remove stubborn stains and discoloration.

The shampoo or detergent helps thorough cleaning if you have filthy carpets and carpets with pet stains and urine smell. As experts use only a tiny amount of shampoo and it gets extracted during the cleaning process, this method won’t make your carpets sticky or matted down.


Is Steam Cleaning Method The Same As Hot Water Extraction?

Some carpet cleaning companies address hot water extraction and steam cleaning the same. It isn’t true. As we know, there is a vast difference between hot water and steam!

The hot water extraction method involves devices with high temperatures. These are better for carpets with natural fibres. If you have one, opt for the hot water extraction method as carpet cleaning services.

Steam cleaning is highly preferable for synthetic fibres as steam can clean stubborn stains. So this cleaning method is better for rugs made from nylon, polyester, and other artificial materials.

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Does Hot Water Extraction Demand a Long Time To Dry Carpet?

Walking on damp carpets is troublesome. Families with children find more difficulties if they need to wait long for carpets to dry.

If you’re one of them who experienced such a thing earlier, you should know that the drying period is influenced by extraction methods more than the cleaning process itself.

Many pro companies use fans, dehumidifiers, heaters, and other equipment to dry your carpets.

Wrapping Up!

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