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5 Shocking Facts About Dirty Carpets You Did Not Know

Carpets can hold dirt twice their weight. They also serve as a home for many viruses, insects, bacteria, dust mites, mold, and other living and nonliving organisms. All of these germs can accumulate in carpets as a result of fur, urine, food, or foot traffic. So, if you want to keep your carpets looking nice and lasting, you should have them cleaned on a regular basis or you can contact EcoSan. Furthermore, it helps everyone stay healthy, whether you, your children, or your pets. But that is not all; here are some more shocking facts about your filthy carpets: 5…

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Why Should Carpet Cleaning Be On Your Checklist This Halloween?

The Halloween party is knocking at your door and you are thinking about carpet cleaning. Everyone wants a clean and fresh home, but keeping up with everything is not that easy. Sometimes you overlook things like carpet cleaning. Creating a home upkeep checklist of all things that need to get done is a good way to stay on track. Consider splitting things into regular, weekly, monthly and bi-monthly groups of tasks. And when you do, remember to keep carpet cleaning in Toronto on the list. This blog highlights the reasons you should keep carpet cleaning on your checklist this Halloween.…