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Mats and Carpets help us to keep the bedrooms, living rooms and office space relaxed and welcoming. Thus, mats and carpets have to be held well by cleaning them. Carpet cleaning Ajax-Professionals can be called for assistance. It is significant to clean the mat at planned intervals but in Ajax the climate is hot, humid and rainy. So, it is not a good idea to clean a carpet in the monsoon period. Hence, the carpet will not get dry because of the raining. So, it is advisable to clean it in the hot or warm season. You will be in trouble if the weather will not be dry. For this reason, washing of the carpets should be avoided during monsoon. Hot weather is always a better option for washing.

1: Common equipment’s for cleaning Carpet

Carpet cleaning Ajax -Professionals use following equipment’s for carpet cleaning:
• Vacuums
• Scrubbers dyers
• Pressure washers
• High-pressure cleaner
• Steam Cleaner

Now there are good numbers of machines available for carpet cleaning with the latest emergence of technology which is used today. The named above equipment are common mostly. They are made with the latest technology. The new ones in this series are chemical free scrubbing equipment and portable floor cleaner.

2: Different Methods for cleaning

There are three methods that exist in carpet cleaning. These methods are:
• Dry carpet cleaning
• Hot water extraction
• Carpet shampooing

3: Hot water extraction has two kinds of machines

In Ajax, Hot water extraction is the most familiar method of carpet vacuuming. This approach is also referred to as steam cleaning. Most companies and people living in Ajax prefer this method. There are two types of machines available for hot water extraction carpet cleaning. They are:

• The portable equipment
The mobile equipment is capable of generating steam and hot water. It is the much easier to carry around and the smaller one for carpet cleaning. It is used for the cleaning of smaller carpet or mat. Because of its small in size, it can be utilized easily.

• Truck-mounted equipment

It is suitable for cleaning and washing of large carpets because of its larger and bigger equipment. In this method, the carpet or mat is sprayed with the hot cleaning solution under pressure. It is then quickly extracted with the help of the vacuum source that is the most common equipment. Many people in Ajax trust this method.

4: Dry carpet cleaning is best

In this method, the carbonated water is used to mix with the cleaning products and then it gets sprinkled over the carpet via the spray. The stains are quickly removed through this approach. The smell from the carpet will be gone. The entire ambiance will become fresh. People in Ajax follow this method often to clean their carpet.


In Ajax, the most shared fibers of the carpet which usually occur are Nylon, acrylic, and cotton. Each fiber is a unique one amongst the three. Each material mentioned above needs proper cleaning equipment. Cleaning Carpet is a complicated method to do but still care should be taken so that carpets remain free from any toxins and germs. From the above-discussed methods, the steam cleaner and dry carpet cleaning are more famous methods used by Ajax people. People living in Ajax like to keep good hygiene and health.

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