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Dogs are adorable and their presence in home lights up the entire ambience. They are considered as man’s best friend. Some of the times, they do things which are not liked by us. Imagine that you have brought new carpet and your dog has considered it his new bathroom. This situation will really disappoint you. To avoid from such case, following things should be done. Those who remain busy may call carpet cleaning services. Mississauga people take good care of hygiene. This is the reason that they clean their carpet occasionally. Dog’s urine on carpet might bring some health problems. However, below tips will definitely help in removing them.

Usage of Wet Towel

A wet towel can be used as they quickly absorb the dog’s urine that further helps in removing the stain effectively. The towel used here should be little wet as it will instantly remove the stain due to its dampness. You just need to place the towel on affected area and rub for some time. The moisture present in a towel will help in soaking up the stain. Do not forget to place the towel up to 5 to 10 minutes. Some of you might get help from Carpet Cleaning Mississauga Professionals. They can help you in your carpet cleaning process.

Use water to re-wet stain

You can use water to re-wet the stain. Just sprinkle water on the stain from the outside perimeter. This way you will stop the stain from spreading to other areas. You have to wait few minutes after pouring the water on the spot. After sometime, you can see the fading of the stain. Normal water can be used for this purpose. People who are busy in their professional life can choose carpet cleaning services in their town. Keeping good hygiene is a must. Many companies in Mississauga provide such kind of services.

Enzyme cleaner can really help

This will help in clearing the odor and stain. These Enzymes will actually break the stain into basic compounds. The protein that is left behind by the Dog’s urine gets splitted. This makes the removing process easier. Chances are there that the dog will not urinate at the same area. Such Enzyme cleaner is available in market at a very affordable price. It is your responsibility to choose best Enzyme cleaner from the market. Branded products are highly recommended. One should notice the expiry date of the Enzyme cleaner before buying.

Pour soap solution on the spot

When you pour soap solution on the stain, both the smell and the stain vanish. Make sure that the solution is spread and rested for 2 hours. The smell from the affected area will be gone. Your dog will refrain to urinate in that area. The soapy solution will clean the stain thoroughly. Make the solution is proportion for better results. You can use any soap to make the soapy solution. Anti-bacterial soap is used by many people in Mississauga. People living there are very concerned about their health and hygiene.


Carpet should be cleaned at particular time intervals. Failing at this will cause many health hazards. Above mentioned are some tips that will help you in your carpet cleaning process. You can also call Carpet Cleaning Mississauga Professionals for this purpose.

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