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Carpet Cleaning Mississauga

According to Carpet Cleaning experts in Mississauga, your carpet is dirty. In fact, it stays dirty most of the time. Research has shown that your carpet is 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat. Within a given week, your carpet will retain all types of stain, soil, allergens, microorganisms, germs, air pollutants, and possibly mold. That’s pretty dirty.

The reason why carpets stay dirty is due to any number of factors. Some of these may include:

• Dirty Shoes & Foot Traffic
• Dust
• Cat & Dog Urine
• Allergens and Air Pollutants
• Spills & Stains
• Mold

Rugs are a haven for countless types of bacteria, germs, and other harmful organisms. If you think that your vacuum is pulling 100% of that up from the carpet, then think again. Although vacuums do an adequate job of sucking dust mites and other micro-bugs up from the rug, they leave behind thousands more.

The Solution: Professional Carpet Cleaning

A professional cleaning does a far better job of disinfecting your carpet then standard vacuuming. Most carpet cleaning companies use eco-friendly, cleaning solutions that kill harmful microbes while preserving the look and the feel of your carpet.

Improve The Air Quality in Your Home

Sure, air cleaners are great at cleaning the air around them. Air filtration systems, however, do not clean carpets. Only a deep cleaning from a Mississauga carpet cleaning professional can purify your carpet, thus, making the air easier to breathe.

Maintain Your Carpets Warranty

Did you know that most carpet manufacturers require a professional cleaning at least once every 12 to 18 months to keep your carpet in good condition and maintain the warranty? Before you have your carpet professionally cleaned check with the carpet company and find out the details of your warranty.

Work with Cleaning Experts

Only a well-trained, skilled expert knows about all the dirt and germs that are deeply embedded in your carpet and how to get rid of it.
Do you have stains on your carpet? A professional knows how to get the stains out without using harsh chemicals that can damage the carpet surface. They can make your carpet look new again by using proven carpet cleaning methods that work.

A Smart Investment

So you’ve gone out to the local hardware store, rented a steam cleaner, brought it home, set it all up, spent hours moving furniture and scrubbing the carpet…only to find that you’re still not satisfied with the results. And remember, you have the honor of cleaning the equipment before you return it.

For just a few dollars more, you could have saved yourself the hassle by hiring a carpet cleaning service that will give you the results you’re looking for in half the time. Your carpets will be sterilized underneath and revitalized on the surface. Plus, your entire home will smell clean and fresh.

Mold Mitigation

Mold is one of your home’s greatest enemies. Mold & Algae grow in areas where there is moisture that doesn’t quickly dry. Since carpets retain moisture for longer periods, they create the perfect environment for mold to grow. Mold can quickly multiply underneath the entire carpet system.

A professional carpet cleaning company can inspect your carpets for mold. They can provide cleaning solutions that will destroy the mold & algae, and keep it from returning. This will improve the condition of your carpet while creating a healthier home interior.

If you have any questions about the benefits and advantages of professional carpet cleaning, please contact Carpet Cleaning Ajax at 416-613-5806 or email us at contact@cleanmycarpet.ca. We can restore your carpets back to their beautiful finish while making your home more sanitary. Schedule an appointment today!

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