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Carpet Cleaning Toronto:

Why You Need To Clean Green

Carpet cleaning Toronto businesses are making a shift toward cleaning using environmentally friendly products. Many clients are concerned about the use of harsh chemicals on their rugs and carpets, but did you know that using green products in the rest of your everyday cleaning is just as important? Conventional cleaning products may seem like a faster way to get your chores done, but with the increasing focus on cleaning power in today’s market has lead to green alternatives being more efficient than ever before. Your carpet cleaning Toronto gurus can help you find green solutions to all your cleaning needs, which will have a tremendous impact on your home, your health, and the environment.

How Green Products Can Protect Your Health

The active ingredients in most conventional cleaning products can be incredibly toxic. They can cause symptoms like coughing, sneezing, breathing difficulties, headaches, and even rashes. These detrimental health effects aren’t just limited to the person using the product either, and can affect every member of your household. Even the health of your pets can be impacted by the products you use to clean your home. Switching to green products will improve the health of your entire household, as they’ll help remove dangerous toxins, carcinogens and other harsh chemicals from your home.

How To Make Your Home Safer

Check out the labels on your favourite brand of conventional cleaner and you’ll see strong warnings about them being flammable, toxic, or poisonous. In fact, in 2010 conventional cleaning products were one of the top five reasons people needed to call the Poison Control Centre. In some cases, the fumes from these cleaners alone can make your family sick. Your children and small pets are at an increased risk, and may not be able to explain their sudden symptoms, making it harder to determine the best way to keep them healthy. Making a switch to green products reduces the risk associated with conventional cleaners, and can make your home much safer.

Are Green Products Effective Cleaners?

Green products get a bad reputation for being ineffective, but the reality is that they are every bit as effective as their conventional counterparts. In some cases, they can serve multiple purposes, helping you get the job done even faster! As the demand for environmentally friendly cleaning solutions increases, so too does the research these companies put into making great products.

How To Improve The Quality Of Your Indoor Air

If you use conventional cleaning products, there is a chance that your indoor air pollution levels may be higher than the ones outside. Compounds referred to as volatile organic compounds cause health problems like liver damage, kidney damage, and respiratory issues. These are the same compounds that are released whenever conventional cleaning products are used, and will remain in the air long after you’ve completed your chores. Even opening a few windows while cleaning won’t do much to remove these compounds from the air inside your home. Green products don’t carry the same risk, as they don’t release the same compounds as conventional ones.

How To Save Money While Going Green

Many people think that cleaning green means spending more, but thankfully that isn’t this case. Green products are more affordable now than ever before, thanks to their popularity in the market today. If cost is still a concern, you can easily make your own, using products you likely already have in your own home. This can help make cleaning easier, and gives you the added security of knowing exactly what is in each and every one of your household cleaning products.

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