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Carpet Cleaning Mississauga: How To Set Up A Productive Home Office

Carpet cleaning Mississauga staff have noticed that the number of Canadians with a home office is on the rise. There are an increasing number of people who are working from home, and even more who do a combination of in-office and at home work. While this can be incredibly advantageous for many, some find it hard to stay motivated and focused on work related projects while at home. After all, it can be tempting to take a few minutes to clean up the dishes, which can turn into several other chores, and amount to a wasted day when it comes to your productivity. In other situations, distractions such as the internet, family needs, or the television can all amount to a less than ideal work day. Here are a few tips from your local carpet cleaning Mississauga company on how to set up your home office in a way that can inspire motivation, and boost your productivity.

How To Create Your Own Space

One of the most important factors in setting up a home office is to set aside your own space, and designate that space for nothing except work-related tasks. Ensure that there are enough outlet for all your electronics, including your phone, computer, printer, and lighting. Depending on the type of work you do, you may want to invest in a filing cabinet and large desk, in order to keep your work space tidy and clutter free. Whatever type of job you do, be sure to spend some time organizing the space for work related tasks. By devoting this space to work, and nothing except work, you can trick your brain into associating that area with productivity, much the same way using your bed only for sleeping can help you rest better at night. Be sure that this space is yours and yours alone, and that your family or roommates understand it is not to be accessed by them unless there is an emergency. This helps to create the sense that you are “at work” when you’re there, and unavailable for small talk or gossip.

How To Make Your Space Comfortable

The first thing you should do is contact your carpet cleaning Toronto company to come in and professionally clean the carpet. This will help give a clean, crisp look to your home office, much the same way an off-site office would look. It also removes any existing odours or stains that may be in the rugs, which will help you feel more professional, even if you’re working in less than professional attire. Next invest in a good work chair. Don’t pick a used one off a second hand site, invest in something sturdy, and comfortable. If possible, go to an office supply store and try a few out. This will ensure that you don’t suffer from unnecessary back or joint pain while working, which can eventually serve as yet another distraction. Be sure your space has a phone, and high speed internet, to keep you connected to your clients or to the staff in your office. If you are unable to set aside an entire room, with a door, purchase a room divider or partition. This helps to segregate your working life from your home life, and can help you maintain a work-life balance, even if you’re working in your living room. It’s still a good idea to invest in a professional carpet cleaning Toronto company to clean the carpets and upholstery in that room. A clean work area will boost your motivation to get the job done, and can make spending time in that space more enjoyable than staring at the same old stained carpet for hours on end.

How To Focus On Work

One of the biggest issues people who work from home face is the number of distractions that present themselves throughout the day. Even if you’ve set aside a private space, and ensured that your family or roommates understand not to disturb you when you’re working, there are millions of other distractions that can come up. Consider getting an internet add-on that will restrict your web access to only those websites you need for work in order to reduce the temptation of checking your social media feeds or online newspaper frequently. Most cell phones have custom ring tones available for contacts, so take advantage of this. Take some time and silence calls or texts that will come from non-urgent sources. You can always check those outside of work hours, and remind friends and family who may try and contact you throughout the day that working from home is no different that working in an office when it comes to the amount of time you have to spend completing your job.

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