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Mississauga carpet cleaning businesses are fairly easy to set up. The basics of the trade are easy to learn, the cost of set up is low and the business model is simplistic.  This means that carpet cleaning companies are numerous and many of them are mere flashes in the pan. Some of the companies are scam artists looking to make a quick buck. If you are someone who likes to keep their rugs meticulously clean, you are fully aware of the value of good carpet cleaners. Cleaning a large carpet can be extremely difficult without help, so it is always more convenient to hire an expert Mississauga carpet cleaning company. If you are in the market for a professional there are certain things you need to watch out for.


Marketing Methods: You may get tempted by a flashy banner or a clever brochure in the mail, but before committing, be sure to go online and research the company. A legitimate company which is serious about being a player in the industry will have a strong online presence. They will have an extensive website, they may appear close to the top of a search engine page for carpet cleaners in your locality and if they have been in the industry for a good amount of time, they should have a better business bureau page. Banners and fliers are one thing, but be particularly weary of companies that market door to door. Instead of concentrating on their own service, their brochures are typically targeted at discrediting the competition. They will look to highlight all the problems with their competitors, in an effort to make their company seem like a more appetizing choice. These door to door salesmen also attempt to use high pressure sales tactics in an effort to get business. Then again, you cannot blame them for going door to door. It is the most cost effective and logical form of marketing. You get to interact with a large number of people, face to face by simply working through your law of averages. Not all door to door is bad either; the entire residential insulation business in Saskatchewan was built door to door. A large chunk of the home services industry in Ontario was built the same way. The trick is to use extreme caution when dealing with such individuals. If you like what they have to offer, look them up online, check if their brochure indicates all the costs associated with their carpet cleaning service and see if they will give you a free estimate of all the cleaning charges before starting. Simple marketing methods are still popular but if you are going off of something like a flyer, do proper research first.    


The Cheapest Deal: Everyone is always looking for the best possible deal. There are really good deals out there, but be leery of deals that are too good to be true. These are usually really cheap deals that are only offered for a limited time. The way these charlatans work is, they will give you a really good deal but after the job is done, they will charge you an arm and a leg for additional fees. The excuses range from, ‘the carpet was thicker than expected’ and ‘it was much dirtier than we previously thought.’ To avoid such carpet cleaning scams, have them do a full assessment before beginning. Tell them to take a look at the carpet in clear light, analyze the width, length and thickness of the piece in question. Ask them if they would prefer a clear floor or if they will charge additional labour costs for moving furniture. After the full inspection, a final price should be decided on before you go any further. Most carpet cleaning scam artists give you a very low price upfront to get you to agree and then they start applying additional costs on the bill after the job is done. If you cannot agree on a set final price, look for someone else to get the job done.


Best Method: There are several common methods for cleaning carpets. The most popular method is steam cleaning; this is actually the same as hot water extraction but steam cleaning rolls of the tongue better. High powered tools push hot water and a chemical detergent into the fabric of the rug and the resulting dirty water is vacuumed up at high pressure. Dry cleaning is another one of the popular means of cleaning carpets. A small amount of detergent and water is used to target specific stains on the rug and rejuvenate the fibres, to leave behind a fresh glow. The term you have to be careful of is, ‘best method’. It is a common term used by con men in the industry. They tell you that your rug needs the ‘best method’ of cleaning because the damage is so severe. Usually this best method is the priciest option in their arsenal. The problem here is that there is no such thing. The cleaning method for a rug depends on factors like age, material and pile. Unless you have a five hundred year old rug from Western Europe, several different methods can be considered as ‘the best method’. If your contractor is using this term and it comes with a high price tag, it might be time to change companies. Ask the contractor what this method exactly entails; if the technician seems offended or there are holes in his explanation, it is best to steer clear.


The Surface Clean: Many professionals will claim that this is not a scam. It is often a common mistake even reputable carpet cleaning companies make. This happens when you set a fixed price, the cleaner shows up and has a good, day long crack at it and you return home to dry, spotless carpets at the end of the day. Shockingly by the end of the week, the stains have returned from their exile and the carpet looks exactly the same as it did before. Two things may have happened, one is that the cleaner had faulty equipment or the pressure gauge was not set properly. Second, is that he may have intentionally done a lack luster job or simply underestimated the severity of the stain. The way to avoid this is by having a contract. Hire a company that provides a written agreement, if the stains and such return shortly after the job, they will redo it for you, free of charge. It could have been an honest mistake, but you still have to be diligent, after all it is a service that you have paid for.


Pets: The saying goes, ‘you can choose your pets but you cannot pick your children’. In most families, the cat or the dog is the individual who receives the most affection. Carpet cleaning companies that are fraudulent often use highly toxic industrial grade cleaners which can be fatal to your pets. These agents damage the carpet, but leave behind an initial, sparkly gleam. Even if you do not have pets, always ask the cleaner if they have a pet friendly cleaning method. They either do, or they will give you complete assurance that all the agents they use are completely non-toxic. Be sure to ask, because some of the cleaning agents could harm your children and be a danger to yourself.


Extra Tips


In conclusion, when hiring a carpet cleaner, look for a company which is held in high regard by the online community. Before opening negotiations, ask for a price based on square footage or per room.  Ask about their preferred cleaning method and if they have pet friendly solutions. Finally, try to get them to provide a written statement, indicating final price and guarantees.
In every single business there are scam artists who prey on the negligence and naivety of the populous. It is up to the customer to be vigilant.

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