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As carpets attract a vast variety of allergens that can lead to many problems for individuals with allergies or asthma, it is imperative for you to ensure yours are professionally cleaned on a regular interval. With such harmful particles lingering around in the air, you can almost guarantee respiratory issues. Another concern is the potential for mould growth. Without professional carpet cleaning, and when carpets do not dry quickly enough, mould and mildew can form. Steam cleaning carpets can dampen the carpet and the underside pad for the purpose of preventing harmful mould from forming. Even mould particles and airborne spores can cause health problems like headaches, allergies and asthma attacks. Ensuring every area that can harbour mould is properly cleaned is a critical task in which we have mastered.

Our Mission

Clean My Carpet offers you with an unbelievably stupendous cleaning experience from the beginning to the very end. We aim to satisfy our customers by providing them with proficient cleaning services, resulting in a brighter, healthier and more appealing environment. Our expert team members strive to create long-lasting relationships with every client serviced in the Greater Toronto Area. Customer referrals are greatly appreciated by our experts and we take pride in providing exceptional service to our corporate and residential clients. By continuously honouring the work and dedication of our customer service representatives and trained technicians, we continue to lead the carpet cleaning Toronto industry. We never fail to educate residents in the Greater Toronto Area about the proper maintenance of their fabric and carpets. Your satisfaction is our greatest pride and we ensure that all steps are taken to provide you with exceptional services.

Professional Carpet Cleaning for Home and Office

Cleaning Home or Office

Professional carpet cleaning helps to keep dangerous particulates and the potential for mould growth to a minimum. We have a professional and experienced team ready to tackle every cleaning job, with a wide range of exclusive services from carpet and rug cleaning Toronto businesses, to carpet cleaning Mississauga homes. Our professional services are wide and varied, and our qualified experts are always prepared to help with your various cleaning needs to keep your home or office safe, and healthy. In commercial buildings, having your carpets professionally cleaned by us regularly will help to eliminate germs and mould that can cost your money and reduce productivity.

We don’t stop at just carpets and upholstery cleaning, if you need mattress cleaning, vehicle detailing, duct cleaning, or even carpet installation/repair, we can be of help! We have been proudly and successfully servicing Toronto and the surrounding areas for over 10 years.

We ensure that every job is done right the first time, as we value every one of our customers. Our qualified professionals are trained to perform any cleaning job from professional carpet cleaning, to fabric and upholstery cleaning, to spotless rug cleaning, and much more! Connect with one of our agents today and start enjoying high-quality carpet and fabrics tomorrow.

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At Clean My Carpet, we take pride in providing the best residential and commercial cleaning services. From carpet cleaning North York homes, to cleaning Scarborough offices, to magnificent upholstery cleaning services and detailed vehicle cleaning, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. With over a decade of experience, we effortlessly provide professional cleaning services to the Greater Toronto Area.
Here at Clean my Carpet, we have instilled 5 pillars of business which are all generated towards satisfying our valued customers:
  •   Always treat our customers and employees with integrity.
  •   Offer competitive pricing.
  •   Constantly update and upgrade all of our equipment and products ensuring that proper testing is done in order to provide the highest quality service.
  •   Constantly put our technicians through intensive training programs ensuring they are always up to date with the latest cleaning methods.
  •   Ensure our customers are satisfied.