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A Carpet is an important part of the house as it improves its aesthetic as well as makes it enhances the comfort of the house. For carpet cleaning, Toronto has many private companies as well that help with the process. Below are 5 steps to clean the carpet in our house.

1. Preparing the house to be vacuum cleaned

Cleaning the carpet can become a very tiresome work if it isn’t done properly. Before cleaning there are certain steps to be taken in order to make the process smooth. In this step, the whole area that has to be cleaned is made free of any small items that are present on the carpet such as coins, toys, electrical equipment and more. This is done in order to make the process smooth as these items would block the entrance of the vacuum cleaner and you would have to stop every time this happens to check it. This would make the work take longer than it should. So to avoid this you should prepare the house before hand and pick whatever you think would come in the way while cleaning.

2. Vacuum cleaning

Vacuum clean the whole house at once. Pay more attention to the areas that are hard to reach as the dust is more commonly found in those areas so it would be better to clean those areas properly. The best way to clean a room is to start from the corner that is farthest from the door and walk towards the door while cleaning.

3. Spot cleaning

This process is very important because even after cleaning the room with vacuum cleaner there are many areas that still remain dirty as the dirt there is hard to remove. Those areas need to be cleaned by hand one by one as the dirt won’t go away if left as is it. Spills such as coffee, ink, and other liquids often tend to be absorbed by the carpet and their stain and smell remain for a very long time. These stains won’t even go if the carpet is cleaned with vacuum cleaners as those are stuck to the carpet and it needs more force for it to be removed.

4. Shampooing

This step is done after removing all the furniture from the room. If the furniture can’t be removed the legs of it should be protected with plastics. Use a carpet shampooer to clean the carpet properly without having to clean every dirty part of it by hand. The carpet shampooer is a device that shampoos the carpet with hot water and then it also heats up the carpet so that the water doesn’t clog in the house. This process has to be done very properly as it might make or break the whole cleaning process so extra attention should be paid towards it.

5. Removing odors from the carpet

Now when the carpet cleaning is done there is still some odor that comes from the cleaned carpet. These odors are removed by using an odor removal mixture and then cleaning the carpet with it. The mixture of usually made from Borax, cornmeal and baking soda. These ensure that the room smells fresh.

For carpet cleaning, Toronto is a very costly place but with good research and knowledge, those companies could be found that offer carpet cleaning for a very less amount.

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